A highlight from Episode 62 - GUEST Golf Funatics - Golf, M&Ms and Geese


This week on the spivey special podcast we had guests moose and ryan from gulf fanatics. We talk about golf. How many times could you eat in a minute and bear. Welcome to episode. Sixty two of the spy special podcast. I'm sure there's some famous person was number. Sixty two. yeah we just. Don't know offense alignment somewhere. Probably because a great left tackle. Well we've got a great episode lined up. Today we've got moose and ryan. How's it going guys. Show me a good time. We're excited talk golf. And possibly i mean. We're not winking across the table but maybe to go out and put it invites coming. Don't worry i share. Let me guess you guys sent like. Usps it'll be here in about a month ago it's through dm so it's finding the point covid regulations. Sorry i we'll. We've got another group of people that we don't even really know two weeks in a row. We're just letting strangers into the studio. And i'm all about inviting strangers in my house. I love it. That's great your wife but we don't. Let's play a very helpful game of get to know your guests. The spivey brothers but who is joining them today. Who is who is sit back. And let's find out together with get to know your guest there. I forget to new your guests. Let's find out a little bit more about moose and ryan. They are the host of the gulf fanatics gulf fun fun at fanatics too fast youtube channel. Two guys that started we somewhat golf growing up and not really when you guys are playing golf here and there when we were young for me at least i played a little golf. I didn't play a whole lot when i was younger. I just played baseball and played golf. And i started really golf in two years ago. Honestly yeah broken. College campaign for golf come out. Can't hit the ball hundred yards. Got addicted right away here. We are as the thing about golf when you're younger don't have a lot of money. You're playing a lot of three. Pm times we're still putting z. Times you missed the window if you start young enough to get junior rates which is like ten dollars. Play anywhere at the truth now. We just need a hope. We know somebody i played. I paid twenty dollars to play squash. Which is like one hundred and eighty dollars now. So crazy now with covert. It's like holy cow. The prices are high. Everyone's golfing and the amount of golfers we were. Just talking to buddy at timber creek today the rate at twelve pm. What eighty bucks a local course and public not. It's wild it's but yeah now we. How do we start our youtube channel with from. That was just kind of playing golf to have youtube channel. Where you're like actually helping people improve their games. So that was all ryan ryan. What i call mr golfing attic. That's actually what. I call them at my wedding now. Introducing mr golfing. You know he's my sidekick. I couldn't do it without him on ryan ryan said. We're often every weekend. This is when we were golf with taylor right and it was just us three all the time right. You go to the range at whitney oaks and we caught ourselves golfing so much ryan said dude. Let's make videos. And i thought it was joke at first and then ryan ryan made it happen. Almost had the camera right the cannon whatever it is even though you don't really need on iphone. Iphones are honestly better than those. But yeah we big fans of golf politics. Some people might know big youtubers.

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