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Go in on. I've been watching the news recently of i have. I missed anything or no. Everything's totally totally. Chill yeah cool. Thank god yell. Let's just start. let's just not even get into it. Yeah do it. This is a wells. Cast with wells adams. An iheartradio podcast. Lerman's doing well or is this you possibly can Had high hopes for twenty twenty one. And guess what like right off the bat couple days in twenty twenty one cents a. We're not ready for that key. Think off this podcast excited so excited for today's episode. I'll tell you one of the things that keeps me happy. One of the things that have kept me sane. Going has been net flex and the fact that netflix brought back cobra kai bro. Thank you. I don't know you guys have seen the show but is so good. If you weren't a fan of the karate kid growing up had some for everybody how much you will teen heartthrob for all you ladies out there elizabeth shoe. Es please may have another and now it's back dude. Been revitalized gruesome botox talks into that mug. This rip roaring ready to go for twenty twenty twenty twenty one shows amazing harking back to the established and that eighty s and early nineties aesthetic. That we all loved sweep the leg johnny and then incorporating. Why stuff today that like. Gen xers are just loving don. Its third season. It doesn't sound like send slowing down anytime soon. And they on the wells cast. We're going to have someone who stars in the show. Nbd i mean yes. She stars in cobra kai with. Everyone's watching it's always like top one or two most streamed things on netflix. When i turn netflix's sawn that's not the only thing she's doing chilling adventures. Sabrina on it. Delhi parts heartstrings. On it master of none on it. Wgn's gone on it and b. deception on it and so much more is the woman who graduated from nyu with an art history. Degree was pursuing her life in the world of art and what not happy dropped. It all started waiting tables taking acting classes. Busting her butt to make it happen and look where she is now. Showing the wills cast sit dream. Come true for most every actor ever they say you know what i know of made. When on the wealth gap very excited today to have the star of season of cobra kai on net flicks. She plays carmen. The mother of miguel on the wells gas today. It's the rubio. Trust me guys. This is one show. You guys are just not going to want to miss

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