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Was a set of blues love songs. Lonnie Johnson. Did my love don't belong to you. We heard lightning Hopkins with Sonny Terry doing hard to love a woman. Rory Black did love my blues away. Josh White did careless love. Butter beans and Susie saying hydrant Love turned it down. Shut it off. And we began the set with Robert Johnson and the immortal love in vain. I am the G man. This is Diaspora. And the show today has been all about acoustic blues. Stay tuned for a public affair with the Alan rough. I'm sure that he'll have a lot to say, and have an interesting program that will explore the provocative issues. Of the day, and there are many provocative issues of the day. I'm going to leave you now, and I'm going to go out by playing a couple of songs from the album that really got me falling in love with blues music. Acoustic blues music, the very first hot tuna album. Everybody remembers not everybody, but it was the immortal concert after when Jefferson Airplane played at the Coliseum. And some of the folks you are mom and Jack and Spencer Dryden and came back to the nitty gritty and played a set. That was some early, I think hot tune up. And we're going to go out with a couple of tunes from that very first hot tuna album. We're going to start with whining Boy blues have a pleasant day.

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