22 miners were trapped. One died and the others


Tear down and 11 gold miners in China have been freed. They had been trapped underground for about two weeks. The tunnel entrance had collapsed after an explosion back on January. 10th 22 miners were trapped. One died and the others condition is unknown. Got a stolen Boyle Heights on the five that is on the self outside at the 60 Stop car, blocking the left wing. They're trying to push it off to the shoulder of your headed through Downey, working on the stalled car in the carpool lane. That's on the 105 east at Bellflower. And if your travels take you through studio City south outside of the one What? Add Cold Water Canyon Road. We got a fender bender now off to the shoulder that one was in the left lane. They are buying. This guy helps get you there faster. I'm sure Emma Kercher. You may need an umbrella this week. We'll talk weather next. Hi. I'm Rick Adelman. With the inauguration behind us. We can all expect new laws and regulations affecting the economy, taxes, student loans, trade, commerce and more. What

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