Patrick Mahomes had just 25. Leads the defending Super Bowl champs, and he is good to go


Here on double the CBS. The only New York City schools that are open right now are elementary schools and it appears it will stay that way for now, United Federation of Teachers president Michael Mulgrew told The New York Post. That the city is barely managing all the aspects of the current random testing program and tracing requirements. He says the city is not prepared to open any additional schools. All city schools were shut down for three weeks in the elementary schools open back up in December. For grades K through five and district 75, which serves those with disabilities school CIA testing rate of about 20%, Department of Education spokesperson told the Post. They do look forward to adapting that same model in middle and high schools as quickly as possible. Some seniors in Newark are going to get vaccinated against Cove in 19 beginning Monday. WCBS reporter Christi collision Has those details. The Newark Housing Authority working alongside the city Health Department will be coming. Just senior's home starting Monday to administer the Madonna vaccine. The Housing Authority called the seniors to see if they wanted to get the optional yet highly recommended vaccine and they're able to sign up over the phone or online for the service. At this time seniors not living in New York Housing Authority apartments don't qualify for the service. But the city is working to expand its vaccine distribution by also opening up two more city vaccination sites. Christi collision. WCBS news radio 8 80. So far, New Jersey has administered more than a half a million shots. A queen's nursing home is accused of holding back covert vaccinations from certain patients. The New York Post reports Dry Harbor nursing home in Middle Village did vaccinate its long term care residents before Christmas. But did not vaccinate others receiving short term rehab.

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