Holiday Special: A Christmas Carol (Pt. 1)

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Were bare completely devoid of color or character. Stacks of old deeds. Were it's wallpaper clouds of chilled breath. It's decor the only thing that could be considered sentimental was his business partners old desk unmoved untouched in the last seven years. Scrooge kept it less for fond memories of the late jacob. Marley and more for practicality. The desk was too heavy to move and scrooge wasn't going to waste money on movers he hadn't even spent a shilling on a new sign. The old dry rotted shingle. That hung out front still red scrooge and marley. The wind ronald the sign and cut through the cracks in the door and windows. It's sent his clerk. Bob credits teeth chattering. Scrooge raised an eyebrow and grist with annoyance. The cold didn't bother him at least it didn't bother him enough to justify paying for more coal cold was cheap therefore scrooge founded agreeable scrooge turned his ear the source of the disturbance seemed to be his partner's desk he couldn't put his finger on it but it sounded like the rattle of chains. Scrooge pushed his chair back and shuffled across the room. It was coming from beneath the desk. A soft slight clanking sound. Scrooge looks toward his clerk but crotchet sat unmoved if he heard he wasn't showing any signs cautiously scrooge leaned his head down toward the desktop. Maybe a rat had chewed its way in scrooge bolted upright as a sleigh darted by his window must have been the echo of the sleigh he reasoned scrooge was nothing if not reasonable. He turned back toward his desk but there it was again the distant but distinct sound of chains rattling as they were dragged across the floor. Scrooge looked back over his shoulder toward the desk. The rattling stopped as soon as it started. The old man curled his bluish lips into a scowl. How bog i'm vanessa richardson. You're listening to tales of spotify original from podcast. Every wednesday we dive into the dark origins of another fairy tale. You can find all episodes of tales and all other spotify originals from podcast for free on spotify. or wherever. You listen to podcasts. Today were beginning. The classic tale a christmas carol about a miserly old businessman who has a moral awakening paranormal experience. Coming up we'll meet ebeneezer scrooge and his disdain for the holiday season this episode is brought to you by glade get into the seasonal spirit with glades limited edition holiday collection pine wonderland apple of my pie and berry marian bright each fragrance is designed to help you put a twist on your holiday traditions and create a joyful holiday atmosphere in your home so you can celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Find your sent for the holidays with the glade limited edition holiday collection. This episode is brought to you by bank of america. We're all shopping online these days. And now you can get rewarded for it with the bank of america cash rewards credit card. You can choose to earn three percent. Cashback on online shopping essentials. The essentials have never been more rewarding visit bank of america dot com slash more rewarding to apply now copyright twenty twenty bank of america corporation. This episode is brought to you by feeding america. This holiday season many families will turn to food banks for the first time. Feeding america is on a mission to help these families by supplying food and resources to food banks across the country. Together we can help end hunger. Learn how at feeding america dot org slash hope. The novella a christmas. Carol was written over the course of around six weeks in late. Eighteen forty three by charles dickens by that point in his life dickens was one of the biggest authors in the world. He had already written such classics as nicholas nickleby and oliver twist and his speaking tours were enormously popular events but things were beginning to take a turn for dickens. His last work martin chuzzlewit was a complete failure and his extravagant life style was catching up with him. He was teetering on the verge of bankruptcy with his fifth child. On the way dickens needed a hit and fast drawing from his own history of poverty. Diggins wanted to bring attention to the forgotten. Lower-class in victorian england the characters and story quickly came together but when he pitched it to the publisher they balked at the time. Christmas was gaining popularity as a holiday but it was far from the cultural monolith that it is today. The christmas tree had only recently come in. Vogue and christmas carols had just begun to see a resurgence of popularity. Despite this it was still a relatively nishi holiday and his publishers. Didn't see the draw. So dickens fronted his own money to hire editors and illustrators. The book hit the shelves in december of eighteen. Forty three and its first run. Sold out in a matter of days digging story of cruel and hate-filled businessman and his ghostly encounters on christmas eve was an immediate success and in a sense it helped shape the very holiday. It was about a heavy fog hung in the air outside. The sun had yet to peak through the clouds while there was plenty of christmas eve activity on the streets of london. There was no sign of holiday joy within the chili confines of scrooge and marley scrooge lifted his pen and dipped it into the inkwell. It was already three in the afternoon and it was nowhere near done for the day. The front door flew open as a shout of merry christmas echoed throughout the office. Scrooge didn't bother to look up. He knew the voice it was his nephew. Fred eternally cheerful with a smile. That would even warm up.

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