Ep. 199: Best Of WHOREible Moments 2020


About to make horrible decision. Hey guys welcome to the very last episode here and twenty twenty of horry blade to city. Y'all on we made it. We made it through a of a goddamn fucking for you. Guys that have never heard of us. I always tell people in the street. Oh my god just look at a top episode of our top moments and this is definitely going to be our top paul moments. What i will say is twenty. Twenty was bitch so are we killed it. This year. we had some amazing moments. We started on tour. We were able to keep our show going through pandemic. Thank you for sticking by us. We joined the black effect we dropped some merge we had some really fun episodes really cool guests. And i'm just really grateful to relive all of those moments with you. Yeah i'm super excited. I do wanna shut out before we get into our favorite moments of twenty twenty as always. I wanted to shout out all of our patrons for holding us the fuck down. We've started a lot of new things in twenty twenty with our patrons including our town hall. Which gives you guys the opportunity to record episodes with us over on patriot and we also started a new thing called cinema. Where we i'd go through different shows tv tv series movies and we break down like what's in there and all of the sex and underlying tebow topics about it so that was fun so to everyone over on our patriotic joined yet. It's patriotic dot com backslash horrible decision. There are so many episodes mayor we get spur. Vulnerable and patriot on is so amazing but to talk about the episodes we've had this year. I'll be honest. My favorite i think was literally the last few us talking about. What did we do slob on my knob bible bussey and sophia but people just heard though so i'm really trying to dig in the archives monday. We had gone in a pandemic. What the fuck do you remember that we did. That was great with his big dick. As energy we had van leith in who is addicted to twerking porn loved. That ninety day fiance's. I really got my kicks off. That was that was a dream. Come true i'm like looking through our shit bro. We've had some amazing shit. We've had our favorite podcasters on good mom's bad choices cocktails poor minds Shit mall from dutton podcast. So we're really grateful for everyone that's collaborative as well and now what you're about to hear our mandy. Top three favorite episodes my top three favorite episodes. No i won't pick the sugar daddies. Y'all because i know that that would make the podcast aso crazy. I was going kim. Because actually i didn't pick my favorite episodes of twenty twenty Hotline that's that's not what i didn't even pick the hot moments i just picked Some of the things that literally when we will we were getting ready to do this episode. I picked the first three things that came to my fucking mind. That is exactly what i picked just over the years Over twenty twenty. I was just like if i had to pick the top three moments. What are the first things that come to mind. So i'm excited to share mind. But they're not my favorite episodes entirely. But just maybe my top. Three favorite moment so i did pick one that we recorded in quarantine. I picked one about a flute out. Dick appointment where. I brought in geometry the play That i think resonated a lot with our listeners. And then i also picked one of the interviews. That may not have been. Oh you already know bitch up proud tractor when you have to okay. Yeah i know Anyways guys i hope that you enjoy our picks and again for those of you who are new. Enjoy these clips from some of our twenty twenty moments. And i hope that you go back and enjoy our pigs. We love you see on the other side of this year beach. Oh wait we have an announcement speaking of the most amazing thing that can happen to you next year. Besides staying alive through upon naming we sold out of our merge this week mandy years have not had merged so we are so excited to finally given you guys the merge. We have really adorable tease. You probably seen as wearing them on youtube. But what's exciting is. Although we've sold out. We are going to do a restock on monday of next week. So although monday is your favorite day because of us because you get to listen to us you to like. Put us on your body by going to. Www dot hor hive dot com and we have our sweat shirts last night. I made a horrible decision. We have with like a banana. That looks like it's coming. It's nasty but it's true though. You know what i'm saying. What else do we got mandy. We have we have our king t. shirt which So all of the segments that you guys have loved over the past few years on a t. shirt We also have our tour shirts on sale. Bis they've been since now. 'cause they say twenty nine thousand nine hundred twenty. They look spinach because our the way that they were made sure did show finish. And then yeah. We have points in masks. All right guys get ready. Here's our top episodes of the year. So you guys probably did not like this episode very much but one of my favorite episodes for twenty twenty or than fact pussy on block featuring the city girls. I mean we were on tower for two thousand nineteen into twenty twenty and we actually walked out to these girls So i was super excited to actually be able to sit down with the one and only jt and young miami again. They were just a little dry. But i really appreciated the opportunity and again it just also shows the growth of horrible decisions over these last four years so here is a clip guys from episode one eighty city on lock featuring the girls. Check it out for the vocabulary out

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