A highlight from Prememento #139: Season 4 Episode 18 - Harry Redknapp


To one young. Bill burr paper tiger coming out tonight on netflix. Citing you pumped yes. I am very excited. I think more just to see people see how good it looks was. Mike binder directed it and You know i. I just i just had this idea. For how a special. I wanted to look and none of it really had to do with other like necessarily comedy specials. More like rock concerts. That i saw and it's all like super jumpy and stuff but just sort of like I don't know this weird. How the way. They shot shit back in the day where they held shots longer. So it sucks you in so you kind of felt not necessarily that you were there but the presence of being there and i really have this belief that if you fucking go at it really quick. Quick quick quick quick. It's like flipping through the channels each time like your brain resets and like when you go to a show you're just sitting there looking at the band looking at the comedian like that. It's not like i'm here now in the balcony now behind you now up here and all that so we try to make sure like the pacing of it. I explained it to him. He was just like i get the comic. So that certainly helps. Yeah so the way he did it. I hope that people see that as opposed to to shit that they normally do like How can i get offended. Definitely get offended. It's a it's a sport now to get offended by comedy. Seems like people get excited to be offended. I know a lot of the questions. I've gotten out from people. Non comedians have been about. You know in the light of dave special sequence. You guys all madison fashion like a week ago. Now it's dave with a mad at him for the vh one thing no they weren't one person got mad and wrote something and then everybody. Oh yeah oh yeah. I didn't realize i didn't like that that. What was it. I didn't hear a peep out of that. Did you hear to start it. Backup for him trying to get them. Get them all going again. It was just like why did that. Anyway i was like those things are never fun. You're you're basically you know you're the host of what's a commercial for a bunch of bands. It's just he's a great comic. He sells at madison square garden. He did a great job to yeah. He did a great job. Somebody was talking about four times in two nights. Yeah which is crazy. He turned over madison square garden. Like a comedy club. Yeah doing improv. Like he's fucking as to show saturday. Come down oh yeah. Madison square garden was no other way. Eighteen thousand people. Yeah eighteen times. Say he could've have done giants stadium. He could've he really cut off. But it's like it's why why bother why bother doing. Vh1 awards it's just. It's not a good venue for comedy. It's not a good like people see him. It's not you know. why because eddie did it. Chris did it. I'm gonna talk too much to keep this fucking thing going and it's like a. Let's a legendary old school. Stand up gig in you know you. H one music awards knows. Mtv wasn't mtv music awards. they're all the same to me does. Vh one of their own music awards. They don't give me. I'm so you know what. I'm talking about making sees solid cds after the show. I know i still remember that. Mtv was cooler than vh1. Does your via jaguar have a cd player. No my car doesn't have one either. My tesla trying to do the math. Is he suddenly insulting me. No you gotta cassette tape. Just saying they don't have them anymore. Earned the trunk somewhere along the line. They just stop making them well. That's the thing you know in. I was in new york all summer. And all those the up and coming rappers like trying to hand you cd. It's like what am i gonna do with that. They still have cds. Well then they do something. Then they all just click on this scan this and it goes to like a vinnie. Oh page and then like this guy in my phone now like what just happened is the context. Yes so. I just kind of steer clear to them. I get weirded out by those little q. Stan things is that what they call them acute q. Qr code qr code. I get weirded out by those things because your camera goes on it and then boom. It opens up a website. Mike what is happening here. I'll tell you what's a weird one is. They have home security systems. Now where. I was reading an ad for this on my podcast and i was thinking like afterwards like like a lot of times home. I guess i know alarm goes off because you window blows open and everybody fucking shows up and it's like oh sorry. The window blew open. This actually has video cameras so they can confirm that somebody is in your house. But then i'm thinking like well what's to stop them from. Just turn that on and start watching your life like a show nothing. They're fighting again well for sure if there's a stream it's possible for someone to do that for sure if there's a stream in the contract that says we would never do that. Oh okay some people. Don't be the doorbell camera from has partnered with four hundred police forces extending surveillance concerns. Yeah yeah i mean as long as just using it to catch the bad guys which is going to be what they're saying but this going to be somebody somebody has their dick and the hand right now. Look to that doorbell. It's an and the way people get obsessed like then then you jerk it off just to the women walking up to the door to go into a house and it's not enough magazine. I gotta see what's behind the door

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