568: Looking Toward 2021

Mac Power Users


Hello and welcome back to mac power users. Her name. stephen hackett joined his always by my friend in yours. Mr david sparks. Hey steven how are you today. I'm good happy holidays. Happy new year. Yeah hope santa was good to you. Yeah i was a good boy. This year yeah. He came from my dog this year. Not for me. That's good good. Yeah our dog. Got a F- to toy that looks kind of like a crazed cartoon raccoon okay. I think it's probably the last like three weeks. She gets very pissed with those sorts of things. I it's funny. How dogs they the toy for them. They whatever they do to them in the factory the smell or whatever you're up a dog toy dog knows it. Yes agreed well either way. This is the end of the year episode today. We're going to talk a little bit about what happened in twenty twenty and what we see coming forward in two thousand twenty one. I'm actually looking forward to the shows. Kind of a new tradition since he joined amac power users. And it's something. I really like doing Before we get started because we at the new year this is a little cross promotion. I guess over on the focus. Podcast we partnered with the guys at new year in e. y. a. r. And they make these amazing kind of wall calendars where they put twelve months on a single sheet. And the layout is really great and mike. And i did deal with them. Where they they made a focused themed wall calendar and this year it is dry race which is really cool and we talk about unfocused. But i thought maybe the maccari's listeners might be interested to want to put a wall. Calendar upper twenty twenty one Of course the week starts on monday with our calendar you can dry race and i find it very useful. I having a big calendar. The walls a good way to say no to things. 'cause you see how busy you are and i think that's that's worth the price of admission that anyway we'll put lincoln shuts for that. But we're here. I think today to start talking about apple's twenty twenty. What a year they had here.

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