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Fred i saw an interesting list this week. And i and i wanted to run it by you because Just listening to you over the years. I know that you would have had a heart attack a few hurt. Somebody recommend this list but a gentleman wrote in too. I'm not even going to say what the specific website is. But it's a website that deals with trees and he wrote in and he said i have a patio faces west. I just built it but it was so hot this summer. I need some quick shade. Can you suggest some fast growing trees that we give me shade. And they made a list of twelve fast growing trees. But i think they just picked fast growing trees. They didn't really think about what is right. And what is not right for. Someone's lawn and i know that you agree or disagree with some of these trees. So i thought we'd go down through the list of fast growing shade trees and you could give me your opinion on them. I'd be happy to do that. Marquette and of course. I will have certain bias but the same time it's usually based on horticultural appropriateness. So let's go down through the list and see what happens. I'll try to avoid the heart attack for okay well. This is the time of year when people are thinking about this kind of thing because they know what happened this past summer they want get ready for it in the spring so the first fast growing shade tree. They recommended was quaking aspen. What do you think of that one If you're down. South eastern ohio in coal mine soy oils that are acidic and nasty and so on and near a pond for water. I'd say the quaking aspen. It's fine. I don't know of many in the central ohio area very very very matter of fact i only know of one home That that tree was used. It happens to be located in a spot. That was good for it and good for the property. So yeah one out of a thousand. That's that's my thought on the quaking. Aspen kind of wasting your money on that one. How about the northern catava. well no A friend of mine. who is now deceased. Half with a started inauguration that was directly opposed to the use of qatar place l. l. rest in peace but at the same time It's not a bad tree in in. I'm going to call it a back forty We as a kid. I called it an indian cigar tree. it's not all bad however many people even though the plant is beautiful in flower. It's as long as it's in somebody else's yard because when the pedals drop it makes one heck of a mess on the lawn I would say for limited use only now. The tree grows. Well here It just isn't one. That's up to par for the normal landscape so okay but took careful where you put it. As long as it's three three doors away in the neighborhood You're okay okay. I'm thinking those two nose so far the hackenbury tree. We're not heck. I mixed emotions about the native and the native is is a good tree. here Very sturdy very very big very very everything except that a couple of insect problems and then it's it's basic growth can be a little bit ordinary however the native tree and there are some cultivars coming along that i've been now somewhat time-tested so where when you're stuck for a sturdy tree that can handle the clay garbage that that ohio turns out in weatherwise on akber is okay with or or from the standpoint. Some of the new cultivars the native no because among other things it has a little insect problem. It doesn't hurt the tree but the insect is so small that can come through the normal house screens on the window and Most of sick and make the housewife pretty angry. So i would be careful with a native but at the same time i'm looking forward to it coming into the future As a a really well-chosen tree for our nasty soils okay. what about the Red sunset maple. Well i have mixed emotions on you I know that if it's on its own route and it's planted in the right place it's going to be okay and then the color i mean it's chosen for its color however it's a fairly fast growing three and I am somewhat opposed to the grafting of trees anymore. Now it's a good way for production. But i don't like it for the future health of the tree but as far as red sunset is concerned. I put on make okay list. But i wouldn't use it for a wealth for this gentleman's shade and fast growth. I wouldn't trust the tree to give me shade on the patio period of a longtime And from that west zone okay Well i'm about

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