Just Do It! Dont Procrastinate, Start Your Side Hustle This Year

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Last year i came on here and i told you guys about my youtube channel. I'm going to start. But i still have not recorded in uploaded a video for said channel. Okay that is my confession for y'all today. But i know what i'm dealing with. I'm ready to push through it. So kind of letting you inside my head as i go through this process bringing you along and hoping helps you to. I figured that. I cannot be the only one in this boat. I can't be the only one who has made big plans and has not acted on them or who has started. But it's really kinda playing around because you're letting your nerves get to you. So i thought what better ways chronicle meet pushy out of this mental block pushing out of this phase and this head space and out of my nerves and bringing a side hustle idea to fruition then to share it with you. All on the podcast. I really really hope it can help you too. Because let's face it. We're just stalling. You might not be. But i know i am when it comes to this i know when i am stalling and stalling for me happens for one main reason. I'm trying to be perfect plain and simple. I'm trying to be perfect. And i'm over thinking actions that i need to take the thing about over thinking it is it can create a spiral and this hamster wheel effect that it's very very hard to get out of even when you know it's counterproductive and not necessary so with my youtube channel for example. I find myself in that overthinking loop. Even though i knew. I wanted to keep it simple. I found myself ordering new lighting equipment. Redecorated my bedroom since i plan to do some filming in their heck even ordering new towels for the bathroom since i plan to do some filming in there. You know i'm going to do a hair channels. So i'll be doing some hair tutorials and i found myself focusing on all the wrong things and then i just have to keep having this talk with myself talking through it recognizing that this is part of my process to stalling is part of my process. The starts and stops is start is part of my process so i'm not beating myself up for this. I'm recognizing what's going on. And i said to myself curl you know what this is right. These are stall tactics things you do because you're nervous to actually start but you have nothing to be nervous about so i'm going to put an anti stall in today and i invite you to join me

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