433: Sttzle Mania in Ottawa; NFL Playoff Picture; TV Shows That Model Acceptance; - burst 4


It's the one time that i can remember in a long time. Remember this where a bunch of losing records right are have clinch playoff spots and a bunch of really bad records are still. It's still have a shot. Depending on outcomes of other games going into the day today seven teams a chance. Still seven teams had clinch playoff spots and seven spots still had yet to be wrapped up so it was a very interesting day problem with the biggest of news. The cleveland and we talked about this in an episode last week For the first time since two thousand and two they are returning to the play offs. I did not think they would just based on the way that tea leaves read the way the schedule laid out To me it looked. Like cleveland was going to be on the outside looking in because they had to take on the steelers. But then you have to factor in of course pittsburgh was already in. So they're going to be sitting a lot of their top. Starters and cleveland had enough to take them down today and clinch playoff spot. It was one of those deals. We had five teams all with the same record and only four would get in and it looked to me. Like cleveland would be that team but They they fortunately for them. They won and miami ended up losing so The dolphin loss means they're out in the browns are in but Kind of nice to see City that's taken so much football abuse over the years finally catch since two thousand and two. You know it's good. I like it anyway. You know. I like it. I like that all these. Losing losing teams got a shot to get in the playoffs. I like it for the die hard fan because normally say oh my god. They're they're fifty two games below five

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