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Hello everyone my name. Is jonathan dornbush and this podcast beyond ideas weekly playstation show. And if you're watching the video version we are just such a packed. Show this week that the internet can't even handle us. We apologize for any pixelated. You may be seeing you know. It's kind of a busy weekend. I think are week on the internet. I don't even know what day it is. there's there's quite a bit going on so we apologize for any technical issues you see but we have plenty to discuss this week. So hopefully he'll come on with us for this wonderful ride known as beyond. I'm doing of course this week by brian. Altana one to see what this show look like with like playstation one graphics the d. make of beyond. Yeah it's all three are also joined of course by mexico ville happy to be here. Everybody and saltzman. Thanks for being here mitchell. Hey thank you real honored to be here for the d. makeup beyond what a better week to have a guest on of course then during this d.c i know. Of course. we're going to jump into a little bit. We're gonna play fast and loose with the runner show this week and how we normally line things up to get some chat about a games coming up this week but before we do. I wanted to quickly of course address that this show were recording beforehand and the show will come out before the big resident evil village showcase. That's happening this week. So of course have impressions and thoughts on that before our next week. Excuse me after. It's been shown off. But i thought i'd just opened it to all of you. What are your wild crazy prediction slash hopes. I know we have a lot of fans in the beyond pantheon Brian will start with you. What what do you want to see from the showcase most nothing. I'm really satisfied with everything. And i think i'm good. No i want obviously I want to remake of that game. I was tweeting about that the other day. I just finished it again. and game but There's always a lot of discourse around this game where people are like doesn't need a remake. You're right it. Doesn't i personally think that game is perfect and holds up perfectly well but a lot of people don't and also like you don't have to play it like if it happens you don't have to play it. I'll play it you know. Maybe like maybe he'll i'll be happy with it. Maybe i won't be happy with it. But i have the original version. That came in literally everything. That's ever been ported to except for like that weird There's like a like a. It's like a africa exclusive iphone console that it came to called like zag or something. We did a video on it once. Remember it's you know it's been a long life but i will totally replay this game again. I can't wait for it. Even if like the ad content content a i just want to see it. You know. I just wanna see this game again so see what happens. Yeah that's of course. I think the natural evolution of where they go with the remakes I agree with you. It's definitely been released. i feel like i'm more platforms than probably anything except for like super mario brothers. Three at this point but So if you haven't gotten a chance to play at a remake would be really cool. Of course there's been no official info about a remake just yet but it feels like the natural place to go from Two and three especially with the work they did there. It'd be it'd be nice to see a pretty version of four. That looked like two and three for max. What about you. I mean everything that brian just said definitely played resonable for the first time Forgive me like last year. I think i think that was last. I don't know what year it is currently but maybe the year before anyway. I love that game. That's basically a perfect game It doesn't it doesn't need updating its parts of it feel a little bit clunky but for the most part it feels it's age really well But that being said like imagining little portions of that game that i played on an airplane on a switch screen in suddenly full. Hdr ari engine. Graphics just gives me gives me. The willies gives me the excited willies. But also i hope they reveal. How tall is that woman resident. evil village. Like everyone's noticing that lady's very large as a big woman is she has talked to to doorways and she has an enormous hat which obscures or high entirely. I hope they give us a hard number on. How tall she is. Does that make you feel like except in seen in the in the gaming world finally talked about this. What are the weirdest things about. Vr for me is finding out what it's like to be like five eight and how whereas you're finding what what did you feel about our shared experience. I mean i feel like i have. I do this the opposite of what i do in real life because in real life like i constantly slouching because there things too low for me but i like much posture. When i think that. I'd like shorter than i should be in in a game. I hope we get some details on eight. I mean we've already seen bits and pieces of it. It's really close. I don't want them to spoil anything but like i. I don't know i'm sure. There's some bell and whistle that they're you know lion-shaped key or whatever that they're gonna reveal and be like. Hey here's a new thing about it so yeah of course we're going into. It's the twenty fifth anniversary present evil. I believe this year villages the big question mark and beyond that. We don't know. I think it will be shown. So you know ari for remake would be amazing. I imagine we'll see probably village game play. Hopefully they'll have some other surprises in store but Mitchell forgive me. I don't know your resin. Evil fandom or non but regardless of it what. What would you like to see from the showcase strangely enough. I'm a huge coward when it comes to video games. But i'm a huge fan of resident evil. It's just like it's like one of the only horror franchises franchise i've ever really gotten into but for me. I might be crazy. But i think the logical next step for the remake series is to go to code veronica. Could veronica kind of falls into that. That kind of early line of resident evil games hasn't really gotten any kind of you know love in terms of the full remastered had gotten a couple of releases or ports. But it's the only mainline wrestling of game by having touched at all. So i'd be really excited to go back into it and play veronica again.

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