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Reporting. I'm Jennifer Keiper. In Chicago President Joe Biden unveils his $1.9 Trillion covert strategy. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says what it addresses affects both sides of the aisle Unemployment insurance on Lee, an issue that Democrats in the country want will do. Only Democrats want their kids to go back to schools do only Democrats want vaccines to be distributed across the country. That's we feel that that package he feels that package is designed for bipartisan support. The president has signed 10 executive orders to step up the federal pandemic response. Frustration growing over the lack of coded 19 vaccines. CBS is mullah languages, a stadiums and other large venues continue to be transformed into vaccine mega sites. It's very disappointing, and once we get more supply, we can vaccinate more people. But, uh It's out of our hands in Detroit that the convention parking structure where we can handle 25,000 vaccinations a week and right now we're scheduling 6000 at Dodger Stadium wait times for scheduled vaccines or reaching five hours, and California Health officials are saying the state may not vaccinate all of its high risk high priority seniors over 65. Until June, The National Guard says it was booted out of the U. S Capitol by the capital police. CBS's Kris Van Cleave says the police asked that the troops be moved to a parking garage near the capital. The parking garage is heated and has electricity. It has limited bathrooms. WiFi and self service apparently isn't very good. And some of the National Guard members were pretty upset about this move. Many members of Congress are outraged by it as the news broke tonight, and we're now hearing From members of Congress that this is being addressed and that the National Guard will be allowed back into the capital. This just in the National Guard confirms the troops are again back in the Capitol Visitor center with of Real Haynes, sworn in as director of national intelligence lawmakers turned to another nominee. CBS is Natalie Beer on Capitol Hill. The Senate is expected to take a confirmation vote Friday morning on President Biden's defense secretary nominee, retired general Lloyd Austin. The bill is passed early. You're both the House and Senate approved a legally required waiver. Since Austin has been out of uniform less than seven years. If confirmed, he would be the first African American to lead the Pentagon. In Baghdad, a

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