Side Effects of Black History Month

Small Doses


Thank you so funky. Welcome to another episode of small doses. We are here in. The midst of the month of february are black history month. And i wanted to do an episode because i feel like especially in the wake of the last three hundred and sixty five days. There's a lot of people that are feeling this month in a different way and asserting it in a different way and You know. I see people like i. Just see that at one point but because she was just like you know a month where we learned about harriet tubman for jillian time Whereas now i feel like there's a lot of folks that feel like more than just a month about learning. It's a month about asserting our blackness in a very unabashed way Mind you. I feel like just like how people talk about. Like she goes like people are like well. We should be doing all year. Like i assert the blackness all year and i understand it. You know it's different for everybody and their spaces and You know the uniqueness of their existence as a black person nonetheless. I wanna talk about this episode. I wanted to talk about this episode. Because you talk about the the different nukes and crannies related to history month that i feel. I don't really get discussed during black history month.

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