02.18.21 Renters' Rights and the Mortgage Forebearance extension / Auto theft and breakins-Prevention

Clark Howard Show


There are some scary crime stats being reported around the country. I'm going to talk about what you need to do to protect yourself. So we have had unprecedented moves over the last year to protect renters and borrowers from facing eviction for renters and foreclosure innovation for borrowers in mortgages and the clock had reached midnight on those programs and there are changes for both borrowers and renner's and there's been so much confusion about this. I want to talk about renters. So as a runner. You don't have automatic protection. You have rights that can prevent innovation but only if you exercise those rights. The rights only extend to people who can demonstrate the have suffered financial harm because of corona virus and. We really have been split as a country. They're tens of millions of people who've suffered extreme hardship with job and the rest and then san tens of millions others of others who actually are in better financial shape almost a year out from the onset of corona virus in the united states than they were before so it is a really story for renters. You have a form you have to fill out that we have a link to it. Clark dot com where you verify the economic hardship you've had you must go to your court dates if your landlord goes after you anyway and the courts are usually doing things by zoom or some other online means. But if you don't appear your landlord even in the midst of eviction moratorium will still be granted relief by the court and you will in fact be evicted. So it's up to you to do the paperwork. Proactively send the paperwork to your land or the landlord pretends to ignore it and files for dispossessed. Ry eviction on you. You must go through the process of protecting yourself in court and also make sure that you keep notes when you notified your landlord the form you provided them. You also provide to the court to assert your rights. The meek do not remain in their apartments. You must stand up for yourself. In the case of homeowners there are more protections because with renner's once the moratorium lifts which is likely this spring that will with at that point. You in theory. You're supposed to pay all your back rent

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