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I played for washington dallas buffalo new england and the cleveland. Browns got a bunch of different media. Gigs now a bunch of podcasts. The ross tucker football podcast even money for those of you like to put a little something something on the games college draft podcast which talks college football on the nfl draft andrew. Brandt has the business of sports podcast and the aforementioned raw soccer football podcast three days a week in the offseason daily your daily on demand audio content for the national football league during the twenty two weeks of the nfl season. I will tell you. Though the star of this show star of the fantasy feast it. Show dolan from fantasy points. The number one ranked fantasy analysts over the last five years according to fantasy prose which is why joe is our guy. Follow him on twitter at edgy underscore dole and he's the master of all he oversees at fantasy. Points dot com joe. There's a lot to get to but today's primarily about best ball. You know why. Because i freaking love best ball by far my preferred and favorite format of fantasy football. We'll get into exactly why that is future episodes. We'll have some best ball. Experts like scott barfield among others. But today's more or less a primer for people that aren't real familiar with how best ball formats work and why they're catching on in terms of popularity at draft gangs and otherwise as well as sort of a refresher course for people to maybe be played. Maybe they have some idea. Maybe they're just diving into it for the twenty twenty one season and we wanna make sure they know exactly what to do while. Ross best ball is It's a fantastic way to play fantasy football. It i don't wanna say it's the easiest way fit play fantasy football but it may be the simplest way if that makes sense because best ball by definition. to make any waiver wire moves. You don't have to make any trades you don't have to set your lineup every week. And then and then the question becomes. What's the funding that went on. And that is best. Ball gives you the opportunity to relive the best day of your fantasy season which was drafted. And you can do it often as you like as infrequently as you like you can do it never if you want to. But it's just a great option and it's really the only way frankly to play right now. I know draftkings hasn't launched yet That should be up soon. The real degen's plan best ball here in In february draftkings is not up. There are some places you can play a best ball out. Here's the notion of best ball. You guys are unfamiliar with it. It's been popular in the fantasy circle for a number of years now Dating back to the old. Mfl tens which don't exist anymore but it's been super popular and nears all you do you draft a roster of a finite number of players depending on how many rounds are in your best ball draft eighteen twenty. Which is what draftkings did last year. All the way up to thirty five round draft on some you draft the roster of players. And then you sit and wait for those players to perform there is a lineup requirement for instance draftkings lineup requirement. Is one quarterback two running backs three wide receivers one tight end one running back wide receiver tight end flex And each and every week. That lineup is automatically generated by your top scorers at that position. So the idea for best ball is to build a team. That's going to score points but also a team that's going to have the opportunity to withstand injuries a team. That's going to have the opportunity to have maybe some late emerging players at the end of the season to help you get over the hump and cash up four best ball and on draftkings number ways to do that.

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