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To answered prayer. Well yes and now. I mean if you think this book is a secret. Maybe there are. If you've never been the user's manual of life then. I guess it's a secret. But the fact is got proclaim very clearly in scripture how to have our prayers answered in the -firmative he gives his principles to follow and probably the greatest example of that is a template the gave that we call the lord's prayer and the lord's prayer is not just a prayer to pray. It is a template for a prayer. It is a model for prayer again. Remember jesus gave this per in response to the request of his disciples. Who said what. John taught his disciples to pray. Lord teach us to pray so he keeps them this prayer. And it's luke chapter eleven. Am i gonna read versus one to four now. It came to pass this deepest sprain in a certain place. When he sees to one of his disciples to lord t just pray is john also taught his disciples and he said to them. When you pray say our father who aren't in heaven hollywood. Be your name your kingdom. Come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven give this day our daily bread and forgive us our sins for we also forgive everyone who has sinned against us and elitist not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one nine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever so here we are principle number one. If you want your prayers answered in the affirmative you must pray. According to the will of god if you want your prayers answered in the affirmative in other words if you want god to say yes to you when you pray pray. According to the will of god jesus modeled as for us. When he taught us to pray our father who are in heaven hallo would be your name. Your kingdom come your will be done having said that there also is a place in prayer for your personal needs because jesus said give us this day our daily bread now. Here's our problem. Here's our prayers usually go. If we rewrote the lord's prayer. It would sound like this. Our father who are in heaven. Give us this day. Our bread kind of like a. Let's cut to the chase shall we. You know like when i go into a restaurant. I like to order in fact when i go into a restaurant i know what i want before their server even comes sometimes have come a what. Would you like to drink well. I would like to drink a glass of water. But i would also like to order this and i. My wife says i'm not ready at. I'll say okay. Sorry and then. My wife reads it them. And i'll just say you're going to order this. I'll just say what she's gonna order. She doesn't me to hear me. 'cause she's contemplating the menu then after this server comes back and sometimes they go for water and leave us for days gone for days then they return. Is your water. Always quick question about the menu. Can i substitute this for that. And that for this and change this change that and they'll server will say let me go back and check in the kitchen. Don't go go. And then they go on for two more days and they come back yes we can change this or that and then my wife orders thing. I said she was going to order at the beginning. I'm just like let's get to it. Let's order let's heat. And then i wanna go to sleep. That's pretty much it. My wife enjoys the meal. Eat it like a dog with food and the dish is a sad thing but we can be this way with god. All right laura has get to it. How you doing love you eamon. Here's what i need right. But jesus toutes this after this manner. Pray our father. Who art in heaven halloween. Name your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven now give us their daily bread but see if i've contemplated the awesomeness of god and considered his will and purpose and if i've already surrendered my wilty him asking for his purpose above my own. That could just have a little bit of an act on what i now. Pray for personally. Couldn't it now. I'm going to see things a little different. Because as i'm looking at god i'm kind of getting things in perspective. Maybe even as i started out in prayer my need was so big and god was so small. But as i saw how big god is i saw how my need was so small comparatively big god small problem. Big problem small god. We just need to see who got is in his greatness but then pray give me this day. My daily bread so amazing. God wants to do this for us. Here's another secret to winchester prayer. You may not like this one. You must forgive others you must forgive others in the model per jesus teaches us. I forgive everyone that is indebted to us. This word indebted means those that have sinned against us now. Your forgiveness not hinging on your forgiving. But you're forgiving should hinge on his gracious and generous forgiveness to you in other words. Jesus aside saying you better be forgiving of someone. You won't be forgiven. What he's really saying is you've been forgiven so forgive us because it was forgiving to receive forgiveness. I'm almost establishing a works relationship. With god like i have to do something to get something. The forgiveness it comes to me from christ is based on his merit and on his death and his love for me. But if i know anything about what he's done for me if i've been forgiven. Forgive others listen to this forgiven. People should be forgiving. People forgiven. People should be forgiving people. If you're a person who hold grudges if you're a person who keeps score if you're a person that can't let it go. You're going to be a person that suffers in life and let me tell you something else about yourself. You're going to be a person. That's going to your pro-life come to a screeching halt. So we have to learn how important it is to forgive when we pray because forgiveness is the key to all relationships that are healthy and strong and lasting effect. Jesus matthew five twenty three when you're standing before the altar in the temple operas sacrifice to god and you remember that someone has something against you leave your sacrifice go and be reconciled that person then bring your

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