Just bought an Oculus Quest 2? Here are the best VR games

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It's lower priced. Sequel have been hot items during the pandemic lockdown but what are some of the best experiences all the hit. Vr headset roger. Chang and this is your daily charge. He'd offer us. his curated. picks is scott stein a resident. Vr expert welcome scott. Hey thanks so. Let's start with the basics. Tell me a bit about the quest. The oculus quest and quest to the end up to you. I think when you look at the question. The question with facebook is down with them. They now stand alone as a type of product. That doesn't really exist anywhere else. Which is that. they're totally stand. And as a result they're completely wireless and makes a really big deal when use the are. Vr is a is a weird proposition. It's it's kind of clunky you're putting on your head you've got to set it up it's intimidating and i think we're moving as many weirdnesses as possible helps the seamlessness of that moving around with just a headset on and makes me go back to things like playstation vr vr in really get annoyed the cables and the tangle and i think that stuff is really like a huge part of the project feeling that turns people off to vr and as we go forward the quest is only going to be the model for more things trimmed down and become more flexible. Apple's doing or if samsung gets back in the game or whatever else. So i think it's kind of like the boot of the concept and vr's been kevin nash thing. I think it definitely broke out a bit. Mortar the pandemic when we were all locked down but in terms of recommendations. Who do you think should be buying of the headset or early. And oculus quest quest to well. It's not. I keep talking medicine people and in i kind of almost approach it the way i think about smartwatches which is like you don't really need one. And so i feel like you know weird saying you gotta have it. But you don't but i do think if you're looking for something new i think if you're looking for something that's going to maybe give you sense of novelty to show you some amazing things to potentially connect with people and play games in a different way. I think it's great for that. I think the price right now. Facebook is aligned. It at a cost is not impulse purchase but three hundred four hundred dollars. Isn't that consoles soon. And i think that that's something that you could get yourself as a treat and it's pretty cool for that if you can deal with the facebook logging requirement and be okay with that. I think there are a ton of games. Which aren't too expensive. And there are a lot of apps and there's a lot of stuff to explore. But i do think it's you have to realize that it's not going to serve you for everything but i think it's experiences are really unique. Especially i look at the playstation five in the and the newest xbox series x and the experiences are not new different. They're nicer but the with the question is is is significantly different. Well let's talk about some of those experiences because you've got a story out today rounding up some of the best games and experiences for the question quest to run through of those. What would you recommend if someone's got a new vr headset. What are some of the games and experiences. They should be downloading sure. Well one thing that's funny is as soon as a new there are a lot of you know rehashed. Vr games like ones that have been around for years in vr. But they still have a long shelf life. And i think that's something to consider when you think about what things to get There are classics one classic. For instance is beat. Saber saber. you've heard about forever. But i think it's like the game obviously to get a couple of goes without saying you don't need to spend much time talking about but it's a lightsaber music rhythm game. I think it's what. Vr does best right now on. Quest is things that get you active things that you can interact with with. Really seamless reaction time. There's a lot of things like that. There are some boxing games. There's dance central and associates. Were locked down for a lot of us not getting out. It's pretty active. It stood in for exercise for me. So i'd say beat savers the best be you can also pick up other exercise a games. So that's a great start from there. You can get into things that i think it'd be a little bit social. There's a free game called eco. Vr that is basically like ultimate frisbee zero-gravity And it's great. You play with other people. It's it's technically kind of a beta but it works really smoothly and if you wanna jump in with or just want to try it yourself. It's disorienting and fun. And i feel like in that same vein. There are other multiplayer things. The problem is you wanna have somebody else to do this with. And i think it gets better. You know someone else who has a quest game called cookout. that's a good collaborative cooking game. When i do that with my nephew it actually feels like we're hanging out in the same room. I mean cartoons but it's a very different feeling than just like popping in and playing animal crossing where like playing a game on on a console and similarly population one is kind of a fortnight for vr It's not perfect. But it is really fun and i think it it. You know it again. These are things. I like games. That have a lot of replay ability because a lot of games in vr are very short. Others are like a couple of hours in length. So i think like those things and there are a couple of ones you can dabble in rec room.

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