Threat Hunting Offsets the Technology Gaps


We're not get my start. I would say to take back to a military law enforcement days. So physical security of course close protection Details so i've been in the space probably since seventeen in some form or fashion security I transitioned into cyberspace. Actually in early. Two thousand Working class i was part of the first development team of launching windows two thousand Iky server l2tp vpn server I was there at the fortunate. I guess you could call it Experience with bill gates and launching that in february of two thousand and the sony centre. It was the first appliance based vpn service powered by windows. And then i working for class. That time i also help build out the first cloud based vpn. Your cloud firewall service. Powered by chastised at the time was nortel cosign so that dates me a little bit And then building out. What was the first. Mp l. s. environment building out using twenty five forty seven would universe building out that the virtual router typist and so insecurity for a long time transitioned into more of a layer seven environment layer for like they're know with level three and building out the an mssp practice with inside a service provider will relaunch diaz Real so as part of the two thousand fourteen. Ntp attack with using Yola rod wears away to combat the two thousand fourteen biggest dos attack at that time Building out also Various types of security environments from secure email to secure access tumbling so In in building out the first Threatened telling as a service Taking intelligence encouraging that intelligence and turning it back and enriching that in empowering and into people sims decline sim so Been into space for quite some time and done everything from being on the keyboard to you're developing and strategizing and bring it to market some of the most robust and i would say sophisticated security services that south today and still active today when you look back on some of those earlier days you know thinking back to something like the launch of like you're saying windows two thousand two mean can give us some insights as to the evolution that you've you've experienced the growth in the the sophistication and capabilities of these tools. Mean when you think about the evolution of this i it's it's it's my body linked to see how we have evolved so much From the tumbling type activities more cloud base sas environments you no longer. Are we required ito to to actually launch a client on your device when we're using software as a way to connect using example as a celsius recently about a year and a half ago. I built out a appliance based service at allow us to run your ssl connections and using open vpn to a source gateway and then out to the cloud and basically all in two zero touch provisioning to say so to to evolve from having someone manually. You'll help you set up your tunnels establish tunnels you know. Establish appreciate keys. And connections that these major to automatically enabling that is just it's crazy to see how we've involved in. It's actually quite you know exciting to see where we're going to go because of covid. Nineteen right kobe. Nineteen has taught us so much that the next evolution of cybersecurity. And you know this would call borderless You'll environment is is going to drive us to more cloud around monitoring the compliance configuration changes things that we did not do in the past that we're going to be obligated to do in the future.

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