Tua Tagovailoa vs. Belichick's Defense: A Challenge


Get into the Dolphins. Now we have to start with to Greg. I watched him last week and I see a number of very good things from him, you know, the answer the anticipatory throws is great anticipation is accurate and he's really smart and you know football IQ is through the roof when you see him, he's diagnosing what the defense is doing and the first time around you might surprise him. It's very difficult to surprise in the second or third time around very smart guy doesn't have the strongest arm in the world, but he can move around in the pocket a little bit and he's got enough Armstrong. Had a downfield but I mostly pay attention to his accuracy his anticipation in his intelligence. I think that's what would separate too from some of the other younger quarterbacks that we've seen come into the league and so it's fascinating Greg this matchup. I remember we talked about the Justin Herbert matchup Belichick's record his resume against rookie quarterbacks or even just your quarterbacks first time in so we're going to have to who was very football Savvy and has a high football iQ going against Bill Belichick who of course has the Mind against rookie quarterbacks wage. What do you make of to his game in? What do you think the Patriots will try to do on Sunday to Rattle him. I'm looking at I thought you did a great job with your Scouting Report. I thought you know what I agreed on all those points, especially, you know, I think where he shows off to me is the football like you he he sometimes he will hang on to a play a little bit too long. I think that's probably a place. Where they've been working with him, he did that a couple of times against Kansas City, you know, but largely had a feel for what's going on. He knows how to get rid of the ball. I think Chan gailey's done a real nice job with him sort of slowly bringing him along and you know, yes, everybody's going to talk about Bill Belichick and his record against rookie quarterbacks, you know, but one thing you have to keep in my practice, you know, this is this is a rookie quarterback with Brian Flores, you know next to him who's so I assume Brian all week is showing him all Patriots film and say look, this is what they're going to do to you. This is this is what we would do to everybody. These are going to be the calls whatever you see don't trust your eyes before the snap. There's always going to be somebody dropping there's going to be they're going to be doing this song. I think that's going to be a huge asset for them. I think that Ted Karras at Center is going to be a huge asset for them cuz he knows how the Patriots, you know like to pressure cuz he's been here for so long. The Patriots know his weaknesses. Teddy's a pretty good pass protector. He struggles more in the Run game. But I do think you'll see the Patriots try to try to get him to move his feet side-to-side off a little bit slow. So I think you know targeting him with some t e stunts inside and things like that might generate some pressure. But yeah, I think I think that too is pretty good job to see if guys like DeVante Parker and get sick e who who, you know, we're beat up in the last game, you know, whether they'll be able to play because your talent talking about some really talented guys there. I mean God, I can't believe how far gesicki the tight end has come and I know Belichick basically called him a big wide receiver this week, which I think is accurate but he's damn good at what he does in a mash-up. Yeah and the one question and you know, we'll get into our picks and a little bit before we get this n'keal Harry thing you want to talk about and of course we still have the member question of the day on this pod. But you know the weapons right for Miami, we we talked about the weapons about the Patriots all the time. But when you look at the weapons of Miami, I think last week I saw something that too was down at one point in that game. He was down his top six receivers. So including Titan including tight end. So if you know if Grant is out if Parker is out if they're just you know off 60% if you know kasicki is out Myles Gaskin was on the covid-19 this last weekend, that's their guy who they've been running the football with what is it Ahmed salvano salvano, may I forget which way it goes his name, but he's the other running back on the roster. He's been dinged up. So this is a team if they're banged up. I don't know what they can do offensively. I mean, I like to a long shot, but the one thing that jumped out at me watching that Kansas City game and maybe it's just because Kansas City is so full of explosiveness and speed but the one thing that jumped out at me watching the Dolphins offense It's Not Dead. Dynamic like say they don't have explosion and DeVante Parker could be that guy at times but he's been banged up. He's got a hammy so I don't know if he's going to play but they lack if there's one thing they need to add immediately to that Miami offense to help to a is somebody who can be

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