Iran Is Escalating Its Nuclear Program



Iranian government has resumed enriching. Uranium in one of its underground facilities. The order reportedly came from president hassan ronnie and it again breaches the terms of the thousand fifteen iran. Nuclear deal agreed on by numerous world powers. President trump withdrew from the deal in two thousand eighteen. Nancy walk us through. What's important here. What is the significance in. Help us with this idea that it's increased its levels to twenty percent purity. What does this all mean. Sure so under the twenty fifteen deal. It had a three point six seven percent cap and now the running governments said that as soon as possible. They want to get to twenty percent. The reason that's significant is to build a nuclear weapon. You have to be ninety percent now. Ninety percent sounds like A big gap. But it's much more difficult to go from three point. Six to twenty once you get past at twenty two ninety is easier or so say the experts i will defer to them and so the reason. This is caused such anxiety because this is the biggest breach of byron its commitments under that deal and so the question becomes. Why are they doing it. Part of it one could argue is that this is in response to the assassination of its top nuclear scientists. This is when the running government purse. Pass this law. It appears to be A way of building negotiation leverage ahead of the incoming biden administration as you recall president elect biden has said that he wants to Enter into that deal again. Assuming that iran is willing to comply. And i also think that there's an element of Answering to domestic audiences. This came at the same time that there was the anniversary of the one of the death of qassem sulamani by us. Drone strike and bag died in their heightened tensions between the two countries and congratulate you that this was a way of sort of iran. Reasserting itself that. It wasn't gonna be bullied by the usa in its To keep a carrier strike group in the region to send b fifty two bombers and so the totality that has led to A really major escalation in terms of capabilities towards an a nuclear weapon. So nancy. this is the million dollar question. What is all this mean about what we know of how close iran is to creating a nuclear weapon or do we assume it has one already well. The the challenges we don't ha- they didn't announce a time. They they said as soon as possible and they alerted the Of its intentions so the question becomes whether it Can do it in a in an until what time now to be fair. One could argue that they can turn this back just as quickly. So if this is towards reaching leverage vis-a-vis the incoming biden administration. You can see this pulled back almost as quickly as a as the announcement was made the challenge becomes if you start to see countries seeing this as a real threat or real movement towards building nuclear weapon particularly israel remember a decade ago when the writings were moving towards us they hit there was almost a strike campaign that was triggered by this. Then you have a different situation. So it's if it's a move towards leverage it's a very risky

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