A highlight from 444: 80's Nostalgia; Sens-Jets Preview; Will Pat Mahomes Play Sunday vs Buffalo?


You listeners. Savable wants to get to today james. How're things you're the host your the listeners. Let's have some fun. I love steve. Who doesn't and here. I will listen before you. Get to think steve okay. I don't know if this happens to you. But i see i seem to get it a lot and okay. This'll be a facebook post. For example i got a friend who's in the end. They have cancer. And so i'm just so. I just i don't want to give their name but i'm putting this up there you know and it's difficult time. Unfortunately and then they'll go on to say something like this steve all the time. Fortunately most friendships abandoned you and only send a good vibrations. I decided to pose his mission in support of a very special person. I think less than half my friends were put this on their wall. You just have to copy not share. I want to know who. I can count on as soon as you do right done in the comments in the least amount of time you can tell who's therefore you cancer sucks etc. I don't like those posts tv. It's like it's like someone's. I don't think anything less of you if i don't post something the it smacks of a chain letter. I the old ones where it'd be like unless you forward this on something calamitous will happen to your family so you better do it. It's just people wanting their stuff to be to be shared all over the world and that's the way either they're going about it for sure right. That's that's a little different right. That's a little bit if you don't do it. You may not get the luck. This one is if you don't do it okay. You're not a very good friend of mine right. That's what these are saying right now. I'm like slow down here a second now okay. I don't like don't do that. I like the funds for the fun ones. You see on facebook sometimes and my buddy chris. Cook i don't know if originated with chris but it's a bounced all over the place on facebook. It's a hashtag age challenge and more of a fun one. Just send this on copy and reposed if this is you. I am generation x. Anyone born between nineteen sixty five and eighty two. We are the last generation that played outside until dark. We're the first to play video games and the last record songs off the radio onto a cassette tape roller skating. On friday and saturdays. We survived the eighties with big hair and the era of extravagant everything. We took walks with friends without worry of being taken. We watch cartoons on saturday mornings while eating a bowl of cereal. We program the vcr before anyone else remember learning how to use a computer for the first time we played atari in television and nintendo and it goes on to talk tv shows. They watched it was really fun. Post and those are the kinds of things that i don't mind sending on because they kind of fun. Yeah those are fun through on up stevie like that. You remember. When i think i told you this there's that site i grew up in sudbury ontario. Right where i'm from and that's the name of the site and i jumped on. It was great love. It love it all these memories of people and it's getting there's twenty plus thousand members of the things. Tv only started a few months ago. I went up there one day. Saying told you this. Before tell me you grew up in sudbury without saying i grew up in sudbury right so i throw that up there and boarded from a guy who didn't substantial. I looked last night or the day before. Three thousand five hundred comments from. So you're you're you're bang on where people love the memories man. Love rehashing the memories. Yeah everyone does. The struggle is it. You know you get to a certain age and it stops being relatable for younger people but just for fun. We'll make our poll question today johnson. You're not long at steve w project at outlook dot com since you and jimmy. Both were in ottawa in the eighties. Gimmie three things about being an. I'll go. I give me three things about being a kid. In ottawa that others might relate to other people who were around in the eighties ottawa. I got three Well let's good. Because i've asked for three Gonna rough rider games jumping on an. Oc transpose at the kmart and bells corners and going to rough rider games where fleet often be in the west end zone. The field goals or rather converts that would get kicked into the end zone. And we have big melee was fantastic was also when i was a kid. Skate way. it was like a kind of a roller skating. Disco the where. The lee valley tools building is in pine crest. That's around the same area. Might have been the same building. I'm not sure and of course super xs. Well lots of great memories there as well. My best memories. Three of them are when i turned fourteen. Okay getting drunk at the prescott fourteen. I was a good one. Harrigan going to hold all the time you know going to hall was a good one right. When when i was fifteen. So you go there and get annihilated and then when i was sixteen carlton pup. Whatever it's called. I forget getting hammered. Steve where my favorite your with joe's okay and i'm knocking back courts of export. Yeah yeah well. I'd get asked for i d anyway so underage drinking was never really an option as far as going to the bar but i will rely on the good listener to participate fully in the pool. We're looking video three things about being a kid in ottawa. That other ottomans owns might relate to. Yeah well well remember back in those days it was it only it only ask someone for id if they felt like it. You know right like and now it's you just can't it's just mandatory right. It's kind of law. I think when you go into a bar. There's a doorman there and you gotta show your id. Regardless regardless of who. You're and i think. I think some of it they record like take a snap. I know my my daughter was in the. Barb is as a manager bar that she ran here. And i know that's the way it was like they scan your id or something like that but back in the days. Stevie you're right the whole thing. Was this anxiety while. I hope they don't ask us for i. D i don't have i don't know phony idea. I never got organized enough to to get the phony idea. I should have steve. So i told the boy. Here's the deal we're going to. And they never asked you for. I d at the door stevie. There was no doorman. It was up to the bartender. You know look at you look down look in you. Someone will go off. What what what do you want. I know you're only eleven. But what the hell out. So it's the seventies. I said here's the track okay. Don't go in and say you gotta be really relaxed. You gotta be really cool. You gotta be slick stevie smooth. So the guy's gonna say what would you like and my body. The one time got sent home goes. I'd like a beer okay. We're done guys okay. Let's see the. I d i know idea beat it. No it's to give this one so the four of us in so you guys. I'll go first and you guys are going to order You know molson light there. You go stevie that'll bring it back member muslim and you're going to have your your your ex and you're going to have a canadian the okay and what i'm gonna do is watch my move. I'm going to order southern comfort on the rocks. Okay i'll think. I'm really who really cool really so we all go in. He goes down the line right with these guys are with me. When are you gonna have on the calvin canadian i'll have a blue oliver moulton light. He goes to me. What about you. Eileen in you mean a double southern comfort on the rocks he looks at me and goes. Gimme your id.

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