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The game down at field level. You got drew brees who may have just played his final game talking a lot about retirement. Nothing official yet. But he's out there with his wife and his three kids and tom brady comes down. They're both in their regular clothes at that stage having a chat nice hog. Tom brady hugs. Drew brees wife. And then tom brady throws a a neat little ten. Fifteen yard pass to one drew's kids in the end zone and It was a neat moment with To absolute legends eighty five years of walking the earth between them But it's tom brady. Who's off to get this his fourteenth conference championship game. It's just insane. Isn't it totally insane. Yeah i enjoyed that. That was that was good game. That game was pretty well. Well brees was terrible. Let's be honest to four interceptions. Three interceptions for three or four turnovers three interceptions and keep in mind that i think is average in terms of of passes depth of target as they call it was five yards on average so he showed storing nothing but five yard passes for the most part and still managed to be picked off three times. That's brutal do want to Do you know what. I got a kick out of watching that game. Stevie and i had it on front about that If you want to all this stuff we just talked me concussions. In all the series stuff about sports. So you've got this massive game you've got this side story here about Drew brees maybe retiring. Tom brady the you know the two oldest guys going against each other to head to a conference final like he said and going this is. This is serious yet. You know. this is big time stuff here. That's happening right in. The world was sport and they flashed to the box where to wear drew brees his wife industry. Kids are okay. A huge blake coming up right huge blais.

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