An Apple/Hyundai Car?

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Hundai has confirmed that it is in early discussions with apple on collaborating to develop a self driving car. But in case you're jumping ahead to apple may be buying hyundai or anything like that. This seems to be just a partnership right now and also hyundai says apple is talking to several carmakers about a bunch of things right now so quoting. Cnbc we understand. That apple is in discussions with a variety of global automakers including hyundai motor as the discussion is at its early stage. Nothing has been decided a representative from honda motor told. Cnbc's cherry king. The statement followed a local report from the korean economic daily. That said apple suggested the tie up and honda motor was reviewing the terms. The report said both electric vehicle production as well as battery development were included in the proposal. And that the car could potentially be released in two thousand twenty. Seven apple declined to comment on the report and quote at the exact same time in bloomberg mark. Gurman has a piece up saying yes. Apple is developing an autonomous electric vehicle. But the timeline for release. His sources say is five to seven years. Also this quote a key. Differentiator would be apple's ability to integrate. Its driving system a pricey initiative that has spurred the company to develop its own software sensor hardware chip technologies. The goal is to let a user input their destination and be driven there with little or no other engagement. According to the people familiar with the project apple doesn't manufacture its own products and it will likely take the same approach with a vehicle. It's unclear which company would assemble the car. Though in its first attempt about five years ago apple worked with engineers from magna international a major auto industry contract manufacturer apple has continued to investigate building. It's self driving car system for third party car partners rather than its own vehicle the people said and it could ultimately again abandoned. Its own car. Efforts in favor of this approach in assign it has now rebooted development of a vehicle apple in recent months shifted in executive known for his work on vehicle interiors and exteriors to its car team in twenty nine thousand nine apple hired former tesla engineering. Vice president steve macmanus but he initially worked on projects unrelated to the car. Now mcmanus leads a development. Group was several employees focused on car interiors fabrics car testing and vehicle manufacturing people with knowledge of the matter said he reports doug field a former top tesla vehicle engineer. Who runs the apple car project. Day to day apple also recently hired jonathan seve a vehicle engineer from bmw ag tesla and alphabets as a senior manager on the car projects in two thousand nineteen apple. Tapped michael schwer kuch tesla's former vice president in charge of drive systems adding to a growing list of former tesla employees working on the vehicle effort late in two thousand twenty apple also hired another former tesla vice president stuart bowers. According to a person familiar with the move. He led tesla's self driving technology team until mid two thousand nineteen and was an executive in residence at venture. Capital firm grey lag partners until july. According to his lincoln profile apples car team is filled with dozens of other x tesla hardware and self driving car. Engineers in total apple has several hundred engineers working on the project with most of them developing the self driving car system rather than the full fledged vehicle and

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