A highlight from S2E84: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/13/21 | ItsMessiah Entertainer Jones


Com radio station distributed comedy where net radio especially shout out to all our affiliates that brooke has shown throughout the country and also shout out to all our the show could be found on every major podcast platform and this morning right here on facebook live only place on earth we get. You want to start liking. Share the show. How good morning show featured team page you. Get notified between seven. Am seven ten am when we go live if you watching a show on social media but we also encourage you guys to download. These absolute can hear the show continuously without any interruption. So god you guys. We are in the building. We are here. I am super excited to be here on a weird wednesday probably cologne. God bless you good to see put that skinned man with that skin body. Look good this morning. what's going on. Good morning then. God bless you getting on insuring. God bless year looking great. Love that hat Hereon bethlehem we broadcast. Live

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