Your Pathway to a Successful Business Exit with Blake Hutchison


Let's just dive right in. What is flip breakdown. this business. so flip is a marketplace. The interesting thing about that is it's so we have is. We have sellers that he's akin to every other marketplace. You'll guests will be familiar. With and your listenership will love things like airbnb et cetera. And so in. Our case marketplace is about digital real estate not about physical real estate. It's not a bad shops physical shops. It's not about land it's not about apartments condos and homes it's about digital real estate so that is websites ecommerce stolz apps sas businesses online businesses. Anything that is digital anything that he's generating revenue laced in most cases generating revenue and therefore has some value attached to it sellers or owners operators of those assets list on flip and they can then tried with the world's largest of buyers looking for that digital real estate so really cool spice obviously on trend given all of the things that the world has gone through over the last twelve months a bit mole. So that's flip. Aw and way growling fun and we see incredible success stories every die of small business owners who've started something they're passionate about. They've got it to a size and now it's ready for somebody else to take it. I've i am extrapolate even greta value from it. It's a really really exotic spice.

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