This startup is making customized sexual harassment training



Is raising money. And i think this is a really cool company and i want you to tell us all about it. Athena raised money in june with two million round for anti harassment software that it would send to companies and companies basically. Install it for their employees. You'd get a nudge every month. Five minute training and it'd be kind of this idea of making a more flexible way of learning about how to deal with modern situations that might rise up better than the one hour lecture. This is a shift in its focus. Because before was doing kind of one thing and now it's doing a broader array of things when it raised in june was just doing anti harassment in zoom and slack world and now eight months later. It's another two million co led by the same firm. Gsp that let first round of it's and it's going into anything compliance related whether that's how to make sure you are not doing insider trading by mistake or or other bits like that and it's they leaned on big customers which was the impetus for this round including netflix's doom and send us and so for an early stage startup. Those are big names. They have twenty thousand active employees completing their monthly training which the co founder is a positive signal that it's at least getting engagement in some way. Are you currently caught up on your corporate training for verizon media group as managing editor one of my wonderful tasks at the company is to actually monitor our employees to make sure they follow all of the different trainings that they have to do. Because i am the one who gets. The e mails for a bunch of folks that says so and so is sixty days later on their annual compliance training. We will delete thirty male if they do not respond immediately. Did not know that was a state attorney question again dan. Natasha and i caught up on our vm. I think you're mostly caught up february's if you are not cut up would have been fired because most the recordings are due in december. So if you haven't done them you would be out nailed it tauscher. There's also some grows numbers and our notes here. Something like two hundred and fifty percent growth quarter over quarter. What is that metric tracking in the athena's since it was tracking basically the amount of people who are on the platform amount of learners. That are coming to athena. Obviously those big contracts and mentioned earlier help them be able to prove that like any startup. right now knock sharing revenue profitability et et cetera. They're just hoping to use this money to gain new customers and figure out that stuff. Later is spelled. E. t. h. e. n. a. Not of in ethene like it's like patina but it's not blockchain related. I usually ask founders for the story behind their name but recently i guess i have not been good enough to that curious enough about how that came together. I think the idea of little mini modules. Make sense. I mean some of the things i actually remember. From compliance training are like mini modules for instance detectors by verizon media and reisen media's owned by and say verizon because it has infrastructure works with government a lot and so in our corruption training which had to take. Oh yeah there's this great story of like you're working hard at work in the field and you have a city official with you. Can you offer them a bottle of water on a hot day. And i was like stir and there's like wrong committed bribery and corruption and a dig radiation to american society. You may not offer anything of value. Not even a penny. You can't offer free water bottle or kick cat.

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