Making a career change in the middle of a pandemic


I mean you're curious right about what it's going to be like in the economy yet to come because it's going to be different whether we're ready or not so. We begin today with two stories on that theme. The newspaper for the first of which is our regular thursday update on the state of the american labor market lousy in a word and other seven hundred ninety three thousand americans lost their jobs last week. Yes that is down a tad from the week earlier. But still as i think i say every week now stratospheric lee high and overall twenty something million people in this economy are getting some kind of government benefit so to the bigger point which is of course the theme of the top. Half of the program when it's going to be like when it's done to find new jobs when this is all over a lot of people might have to find new careers. The pew research center. Some new data out on that two thirds of people who are unemployed have considered going into a new occupation or a new field while one third have taken concrete steps to get new training or education as marketplace's mitchell hartman reports getting all the cogs in the back to work machine turning together leading can be easy in normal not pandemic times. Many rodriguez would have about twenty local men and women in the construction pre apprentice program. He runs in west chicago called revolution. Workshop recruiting from underserved communities typically talking about black brown and women. I mean the community desperately needs upskilling and a pathway into family sustaining careers. Most of the graduates go into construction jobs paying eighteen dollars an hour or more but the pandemic happened and seventy five percent of the folks that we have placed were laid off in the spring summer and fall revolution workshop. Didn't start any new cohorts of job trainees. Because there was no construction work for them. Thirty year jeremy smith of reno nevada got laid off from his job as a casino valet in march. He took his relief check and some savings and went back to community college with able to graduate with a bachelor's and why train management about two semesters early so ended up kicking me down the road a little quicker than i planned on. He's looking in his new field. But no luck so far. I'm sure it'll come roaring back. But it's a little dry right now. Meanwhile manny rodriguez at revolution workshop has a new class of construction pre apprentices. Now we are currently recruiting for our second cohort. So you know. I can put that blog out there or if you can do that for us every awesome. Consider it done website at our website. I'm mitchell hartman for marketplace gotta finish it mitchell it's marketplace dot org. Just make sure funny knows

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