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What. They are generalized anxiety disorder. Major can stop worrying attention deficit disorder maine's here easily distracted and can't pay attention and oppression means your energy and motivation of sunk to a painful low but bipolar disorder is not what it sounds like. And that's part of the reason. That so much stigma misunderstandings around it by paula. Disorder is a mood disorder with people cycle through periods of high and low energy. The low energy states are called depression. The high energy states so called mania when extreme and hypo mania which means a little manic. When they're mild there are two types of bipolar type. One and two. And whether you're highs. Go all the way to mania stopped. Short at hypo mania tells us which one of these you have bipolar. One means you've had a full mania even if you've only had one while by paula to means you're highs have only gone to the hypothetic level. Nearly everyone with bipolar one bipolar to has also had depression. But we'll get into that later maniac. Hypo mania are both states of high energy where the volume is turned up on everything. Thoughts move to speech is louder. And you restless hyper and move around a lot ideas. Implants come quickly so you take on more than you can chew you. Also quick to react and can cycle through fifteen emotions in five minutes and you're quick to act even on impulse doing things you might regret things like starting or ending relationships buying clothes at never get worn flirting with coworkers aggressive driving skipping class giving lots of presents a walking alone downtown at three in the morning unaware of the danger. What really marks the difference between mania and hypo mania is just how risky and destructive that in pulse simply gets during mania. People do things that are difficult to repair while hypo mania. The things they do can usually be cleaned up after the fact. Here's some examples buying a call. You can't take it back. So that's mania spending three hundred dollars on home decorations. You didn't need but saving the receipt. That's hypo mania going into road rage. So bad that you chase someone off the road. Get in a fight and end up in jail. That's mania driving so fast that you get a speeding ticket. That's hypo mania. Losing your job because you cut out your boss that's mania yelling at a co worker but patching it up the next day with an apology. That's hypo mania. I had a very episode throw rocks at a big piece of glass on february didn't shatter but i pulled a bench out of the ground. I was walking on cars because in that place. When you're manage a car seems so small. It doesn't seem like they're doing anything wrong. It just seems like something that you're having fun with many also tends to last longer than hypo mania. It lasted at least a week while hypo mania last at least four days and all the other symptoms like the hyped up energy racing thoughts all those are more intense during a manic state today brad. Stevens talks about his experience with bipolar disorder. He has written two books. On what mania looks like and how to move beyond it by politics to start in the teenage years between age fifteen to twenty and it can come on as a mania or depression for brett. It began with mania and it came on fast. i grew up in a pretty normal family middle-class suburb. we all played. sports had a very good childhood. When i went to college i had an episode and it was diagnosed as psychotic disorder. No s i had a hospital ization and essentially this happens for re times my life and all three times i was brought to the hospital without me really even understanding what was going on and it wasn't until my last episode

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