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We've learned then we'll pick up. If you wanna be a growing christian you must have a prayer life fees. Six eighteen says we should pray always with all prayer at supplication in the spirit being watchful to this end with all perseverance at supplication. For all the saints notice it says pray always with all prayer you can pre in any position at anytime time any where. The main thing is pray. Okay so let's answer question number one. Why should i pray. Why should i pray. Simple answer because jesus told you to. You really don't need anymore answer than that. But i'll give you a few more reasons. But jesus said luke. Eighteen one men are always dupree not give up and by the way christ himself was a model of prayer. He was always praying and the gardening semi as he's contemplating the horrors of the cross. He's praying father of it's possible. Let this cup pass from me on the cross. He's praying for his enemies a saying father. Forgive them for. They know not what they do before he raised. Lazarus from the dead we read in john chapter eleven. He looked up to heaven and pray father. Thank you that you hear me. And then he shouted. Lazarus come for before. Jesus fed the five thousand we read. He looked up to heaven and ask. God's blessing on the food mothers would bring their children to jesus so he would lay hands on them and pray for them. Now listen if jesus felt the need to pray how much more should we feel it. Point number two. We should pray. Because prayer is god's appointed way for a teen things that's right prayer is god's appointed way for obtaining things that is not the only purpose of prayer. That's not the only reason we should pray. But having said that the bible does say in james four two you have not because you what asked not see if you don't ask god for there may be times in your life when you don't have what you need. Did it ever occur to you that you have the sickness and you've never actually ask the lord to heal. you know. i think you know that. I don't believe god heals everybody but at the same time he does. He'll some and it's possible you could be ill and you continue to be ill and you've never actually prayed and said lord would you heal me of this. You might have financial challenges and you don't know why the bills are always unpaid. If you don't know why you're always struggling question. Have you prayed about it. Heavy said lord. Would you provide for me right now. Could it be that you have not you ask not well. Maybe you find that you never have the opportunity to lead others to christ those doors. Never open up for you. Here's a thought. Could it be that you have that because you ask not. Prayer is the way that we obtained things from. God we always say lord at this is not your will give this thing to me but if it is pleased to because the bible promises that my god will supply all of my needs according to his riches and glory in christ jesus. It doesn't say he'll supply all of my greets but it says supply all of my needs. So that's how we obtain things from. God here's another one. Prayer is the way by which god helps us to overcome our anxiety and worry peres the way by which helps us overcome our anxiety and worry and light is full of worry isn't it. I mean i could talk for twenty five minutes about all the things going on are crazy world all the threats that we face and the dangers we face but how about just your life just your own personal challenges lightest full of troubles health troubles. There's family troubles financial troubles. But it's been said if your knees are shaking nealon. So here's what. The bible says about that philippian sports these verses every believer should commit to memory. Don't worry about anything but pray about everything and it goes on to say and if you do this the of god that passes all human understanding will keep your heart and mine in christ. Jesus how many of you ever worry you worry. Okay i worry too. And worry is not a virtue by the way. Sometimes we may think it is heard about a guy that was a real worry word always worrying worrying and finally he just stopped and one of his friends said. Yeah i noticed you. Don't worry anymore. Guy says i don't worry anymore said what's your secret. The guy says. I hired someone to worry for me really. How'd you find a guy like that. Took an ad in the paper. Wanted someone to worry for me. What do you pay a guy to do that. Ipm five thousand dollars a day wa money. You don't have that kind of money. How you're gonna pay him. He says that's for him to worry about well. If that doesn't work try pren- instead it says if you will pray about it. Instead of worrying. About god's peaceful keep your heart and mind and the word there for key means to protect or to mount a guard and the wording of paul uses sort of describes a roman century like a roman guard the room guarding the heart pulses. If you pray about it instead of worrying about god put a guard around your heart in your heart will have peace so you know in the middle of the night when those worries come in like flaming arrows right there. Here's what you do. Lord i give to you. Turn your worries into prayers. Because that's how god help us overcome our anxiety and worry also prayer is one of the ways in which we make ourselves ready for. The return of christ prayer is one of the ways by which we make ourselves ready for the return of christ luke. twenty one jesus says tiki yourselves. Let your hearts be weighed. Down with carousing and drunkenness. And the cares of this life so the day of the lord comes upon you only watch their for in pray all ways that you'll be worthy to escape these things. Speaking of his coming. Jesus said in mark thirteen of that in our no one knows not even the angels in heaven nor the assembled only other tiki therefore and watch and pray for. You don't know when the our is so prayer is not an option for the believer. We need direction in life. You all have heard of yogi. Berra yogi berra yogi. Berra and yogi was known for his amazing statements. It was yogi. That coined the phrase it ain't over till it's over and sometimes the things he said seemed to contradict themselves but they were really quite clever. One of the yogi berra's statements was quote. If you don't know where you're going you might wind up some place else. I love that but you know there's some truth there. If you don't know where you're going you might wind up someplace else. Yeah that's true so we need direction from god. Don't we need to pray for his will be revealed to us. Here's a way to sort of sum it up when you pray about something. God basic now. consider this. If the request is wrong. God says no. The timing is wrong. God says slow. If you are wrong. God says grow but if the request is right in the timing is right and you right. God says. Go plenty here that again. No okay. i'll say it again here. We go if the request is wrong. God says no if timing is wrong god says slow if you are wrong

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