PUMA Sponsors Honor of Kings' KPL to Join Nike as Major Athletic Apparel Brands with Esports League Contracts

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Know. I have a weird fixation on the Athletic Apparel Brands and the work they do in Esports and I absolutely blame growing up in Beaverton, Oregon the home of Nike but while I'm only kind of biased to the swoosh, I'll admit that. I'm a fan of all the brands in Esports and especially Puma because they're led by Matt Shaw who happens to be one of my favorite people in all of these Sports on Sunday Puma announced a new major sponsorship Puma sponsoring ten cents king of league. If you haven't heard of the kpl the kpl is the top level of honor of Kings Esports, and I know you don't live in China on Earth Kings is called Arena of Valor in the West End is basically League of Legends mobile version including being published by 10 said now Riot games is actually in the process of creating wild Rift and official mobile version 4 league, but it likely won't take off in China because on Earth Kings is already huge and domination. Market, and it really really dominates that market as of March 2019 the game and brought in four point five billion dollars according to sensor Tower. I'll do something quick extrapolating math here. I found individual month's Revenue numbers from 20 20, which average I think this actually might be a conservative estimate another two hundred million dollars per month in revenue for honor of Kings. So if we take to walk 1 million as an average and multiply it by the 22-month separating March 2019 and January 2021, we get an additional four point four billion dollars in Revenue that would bring honor of Kings total halt to a point nine billion dollars since launch in 2015. That's a lot of money a lot of money this week the developer TV studios. Also announced another $154,000 would be invested in honor of Kings Esports with about six million of that going to prize pools for Puma. It's a huge win. The only other Esports League represented by Athletic Apparel birth. Like I said at the top is Nike and they have the League of Legends Pro league in China. And while the LPL is almost certainly the most important individual League contract and all of Esports honor of Kings K p.m. Is honestly not that far behind. It's just almost purely popular in China what Nike got with the LPL was also that International exposure that comes with worlds. Primarily Puma also offer deals with Cloud Nine and Gingy. I predicted the race for Esports assets from Nike Puma and Adidas would pick up and twenty Twenty-One and with Adidas already partnering with G2 and now Puma grabbing the kpl only in January. The race is definitely picking up steam already.

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