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So you can't see what's going on. What's going on? Hey, welcome back, everybody. This is the DiSpirito team Real estate show. This is John the point filling in for Emilio today, and we have one of my favorite segments right now when we have Jen jaybird from Ri blogger Then welcome to the show. Thanks for having me. Absolutely so well, Let's hear it. I hear with that We have the end of January Top five events in the state of Rhode Island. So let's jump right in when you're ready, all right. Luckily, some of these just continued through the winter, but Excitingly. The cold weather has officially set in. So y'all do is open for skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing. I've got my tickets for next week, so it's a little different this year. You have to log on choose your session and make sure tickets are available, So it's something you want to do in advance of Syria catch show up anymore. But they're still rentals available. They're still doing private lessons, and they're doing group lessons. But I think those Again. You have to sign up in advance for but it's exciting. It's a good thing to get outside and that winter sports going absolutely. It's a great event is a great thing to do during these times, right to be able to get outside and enjoy the Great outdoors right here in our home state so absolutely, and and check their website for conditions because they change obviously again. You can enjoy this weekend brunch by the sea at Windjammers in Westerly. It's all through the winter all January all

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