SportQuake CEO on Launching EsportQuake, Getting Cristiano Ronaldo into Garena Free Fire


Fire at freeflyer is actually one of my favorite games to focus out of the Esports gaming world right now due to its massive success primarily in Brazil, which also makes it a natural choice for football partnership home considering Brazil's love of football going back decades and this partnership centered around operation quota, which debuted in December and allowed players of free fire to play em as Cristiano Ronaldo the which is pretty cool deal Matt. How did that deal come about? What was the process like to bring one of the biggest names in the world? It's Sports in other entertainment and so like Liberty into a mobile Battle Royale greater freefire. Yeah, it was it was a really exciting project to work with the guys on Thursday from the whole kind of ideation and blueprint of the idea through to the the integration and Page the final execution both in terms of the in-game integration and and the marketing around the partnership I think life to start at the beginning. I set up sport Quake fifteen years ago, and I had a background in media and Thursdays soccer or football a depending on what we're calling it today, and I'd worked at a number of large advertising agencies and then moved into sport media page. With Sky Sports is the Premier League host broadcaster and then spent four years as commercial director at Tottenham Hotspur, which is one of the big three London football franchises wage. And when I set up sport quake in that time over the. I view is very much that we're in a world where they, you know Sports Media Tech and gaming increasingly are coming more and more together and we're seeing lots of really really interesting collaborations as a result of that and primarily right. It's about bringing these two different audiences together to create more impact and awareness. And so as you and and your listeners, no doubt will be aware or if not, you know free fire, which is owned. No, Karina which is part of the C group. We've worked with the c group to some time and we've worked with an e-commerce business they have which is very strong in Southeast Asia that offers a service similar to Amazon in those markets and see is actually the best performing Chef globally over the last twelve months. I think it's kind of five EXT over the last twelve months and is within that organization as the e-commerce business Sharpie. It has to read free flight and we're done some work with with Sharpie with Ronaldo in the fall of 2018 and it performed extraordinarily well and through that and then relationships with out throughout the group the guys that Greener thoughts. It could be something here to do something with him as well. But with their own sort of twist and that was really where the kind of Genesis of the idea came from to bring his audience and IP together with With Their audience and they obviously are the the number one game. If not, the number one guy one of the the very top games in the world. I mean, I think they have something like two hundred and fifty million downloads and a hundred million daily sneezes and and Ronaldo himself in terms of his social media following putting aside what he delivers through the TV platform around baseball games. He his social media follow me is is the biggest in the world or anyone right? So he's got over for bigger than the cardassians bigger than J Lo and a dog Oh force and he's got something like four hundred and fifty million plus followers. And so the idea was to bring these two giants together in Partnership. Absolutely. I pulled up the list of the most played mobile games by player count and you said four hundred fifty billion. That's exactly what grade at last reported. According wage is article it August 2019, but they were one of the most downloaded mobile games in the world in 2019 to your point and have driven just a pretty insane bout of viewership at my favorite example of just sort of how big Great a free-fire is is the Esports organization loud gave a down in Brazil. They launched in I think mid June 2018 and have crossed their one point seven billion views on their YouTube channel for comparison the FaZe Clan account, which has been running for ten years now and has numerous viral videos is that just over what billion views so two years loud gaming which focuses almost entirely a great a free fire has completely surpassed FaZe Clan's called Dead output. Yeah, really quickly that just kind of gives you an idea of hey, this is how popular this game is. And and I think really where their their their view was listen, and as the market leader, we really want to lead and and and set the agenda and you know clearly we have as you just said large choice, you know of of of of gamers in terms of you know, everything from Hardcore to get real Gamers, but there's something really exciting here that we think we could do to Delight. Both are are cool gaming fans while also bringing in even more mainstream players to the game and also just kind of Setting the agenda for the industry in terms of you know, this is how you do these collaborations. Absolutely, that's really crucial to and let's talk a little bit about that collaboration. We you mentioned how everything is coming together and free fire it off is actually representation of just how far Tech has advanced recently. What do you think about what mobile games were even four or five years ago to the point that there now seems reals which is the most server intensive Gabe that you could a badge it with 100. I'm not sure how many people actually drop into free-fire but you know, the typical number is 100 people dropping in at the same time as to do that auto mobile photo, but will technology and something that old he became possible in the last few years. And now you also see at the same time the ability to bring Cristiano Ronaldo into the game and that's something that you know, we've seen with games like FIFA in the past where they model people they model real athletes in those situations, but there's something different to bring home. Into a battle royale, I'd have the play a character this case kro. Do what had to happen on the back end to make this a reality. Was there any hesitation for any of the parties about potential free Christian although into a game like free fire? Yeah, so so obviously we've worked with Ronaldo and his people a number of times before the great relationship with them. And as I say, he had worked with us before with their e-commerce business shopping and so there was a relationship with the group home and we obviously talked him through the the opportunity. We Karina and very much felt that the worst some things to be aware of around the table game it was but that if we executed it in in the right way that it could be really amazing. And so, you know and and back to your point about the the quality of of tech and delivery nowadays, you know and and huge shout-out to to Garena, you know, they they they pull together this amazing kind of personality and character both conceptually and also graphically off and it was developed in conjunction with Cristiano and his team as well in terms of the various things that he could do and so forth and so, you know the exit the idea Asian execution that have been phenomenal when as you say that, you know, we wouldn't be able to do that if if take wasn't where it where it is where is today off? But yes, it's it's really it's really amazing and the thing that's so you

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