Finding ways for the federal government to Clamp down on it


From the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamila Harris on Wednesday. We get details of the ceremony, and the Biden administration's agenda from CBS is Ed O'Keefe. Well, the whole City really was a ghost town on what is normally at least every four years. One of the busiest most Celebratory days and your nation's capital. You know, it's kind of the Olympics and for those that live and work in Washington, they know it's kind of Ah Ah, cool Park to be able to go see the parade if they want to, or to go participate in the other festivities that go on, and often people have family and friends coming into town to stay with them so that they can go to these events. There was just none of that this year was 25,000 National Guard troops on top of police officers. Securing the

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