Lin Elliott, Super Bowl And Broncos discussed on NFL Sunday



But not long ago, everything was different for the Kansas City Chiefs. Have you dated back to Super Bowl for the chief's organization was defined by playoff heartbreak. Just go down the list of all of the painful things that happened to them over the course of 50 years looking for that elusive Super Bowl reappearance. You had the Lin Elliott game where the chief's end up losing Because Lin Elliott, their kicker, missed three field goals at home when they were the one seed in 1995 2. Years later, they were the one seed again in the A. F. C. Again. They were one and done as John Elway and the Broncos came in. They hated Broncos to knock them off and route to the Broncos First Super Bowl Championship. You had the ugly losses of the playoffs as well as Andrew Luck led a furious second half comeback in Indianapolis. You had the one and done two Seated Chiefs under Dick for meal that had a record breaking offense with Trent Green, Tony Gonzalez and priest Holmes. And couldn't force a punt against Peyton Manning and the Colts again, one playoff game at Arrowhead, and they were home for the off season. It happened time and time again and even under Andy Reid. Chief continually had brutal playoff losses. And yet Patrick Mahomes walked in and today has changed everything well. The Chiefs as an organization now have a Super Bowl championship in their trophy case. They also have a narrative that we expect them to win Big games. We expect them to win the division and to go to Super Bowls now, and we expect Andy Reid as well. Not coach conservatively in a big spot, but instead to let her rip like he did last week. In the divisional round against the Browns were on fourth and one with a backup quarterback. He didn't punch and let his defense try to win it, He said. Let's go win this thing right now. And Chad Henny to Tyree killed did exactly that when you look at the chief's the city in believing in their chiefs And in a head coach that had coach for 20 years. It was known for overly conservative down the stretch and can't win the big one. That quarterback Patrick Mahomes changed everything in Kansas City.

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