A highlight from The Failed Exorcism of Thomas Wu


For the paranormal of so two is here and i had to say something. We are going to stray from the path of discussing haunted places in this episode. And we are going to look at discussing haunted people. You heard me right. I said haunted people now. Please understand something. I'm not here to promote religion or force. Feed you anything that you don't already believe in places are not the only thing that can be haunted. Though people do sometimes find themselves with an attachment. You know a spirit or entity that has come the lifetime a little too much and in the rare instance they can even become possessed by said entity or spirit or even a demon and some cases they find with possession that their behavior it can become a little violent. They can suddenly speak foreign languages. Religious items seemed to strike fear in them and much much more keep in mind ghostly or even demonic possession isn't always the case either unfortunately mental illness is a very real thing and it's just as terrifying of a beast the lines they often get blurred. The most common way to deal with someone who has possessed though is of course an actress. Azam most of us know this nowadays things to hollywood movies honestly a i. I'm pretty sure we can all think the exorcist for when the movie came out back in nineteen seventy-three if you think i'm going to be sharing tales of little girls levitating in bed and vomiting l. p. sue. Let's just hang this up right now. Shall we the conviction that demons exist and they exist to harass derain. Even smile human begins stretches far back as religion itself in ancient mesopotamia babylonian priests performed exorcisms by casting wax means of demons into a fire. The hindu betas thought to have been written between fifteen hundred and five hundred. Bc refers to supernatural beings. Known as azure is but largely understood today as demons that challenged the gods and sabotage human affairs for the ancient greeks. They too had demon like creatures that lert on the shadowy fringes of the human world belief in demonic possession is actually widespread in the united states today polls conducted in recent decades by a few different statistic. Roofs suggests that roughly half of americans believe demonic possession to be a real thing the percentage you believe in the devil. It's even higher and that in fact has been growing for example polls show that the number rose from fifty five percent in nineteen ninety two seventy percent in two thousand seven with each growing near the demand for exorcism from the catholic church seems to grow higher and higher. What could be the cause of this. That's what i want to know. Father garry thomas a priest whose training has an exorcist. In rome was documented in the write a book published in two thousand nine which was later turned into a movie. In two thousand eleven has claimed that he gets a dozen requests for exorcisms a week a week. Father vincent lamp her. The official exercises for the archdiocese of indianapolis said that in two thousand eighteen. He received total of one thousand seven hundred phone and email requests for exorcisms. He claimed that was the most hit ever received in a single year. Several other priests reported that without support from the church staff and volunteers there exorcism ministries would quickly swallow up a good chunk of their weekly schedules. I have to say that's probably very well possible. The church has been training exercises in chicago. Rome and manila. As of two thousand eleven there were only fifteen known actresses in the united states. Only fifteen today. There were supposedly close to a hundred of them. No official statistics exist and most diocese. They conceal the identity of their appointed exercises to avoid unwanted attention and deep. Excuse me in. October of two thousand seventeen the us conference of catholic bishops had actresses and related supplication. 's a handbook continued right adventuresome translated into english. The right had been updated in nineteen ninety eight and again in a few years later but this was the first time it had been in english since it had been standardized in sixteen fourteen as one xs put it. There has been a whole reclaiming of a ministry that the church has long since set. Aside the inescapable question now is this. Why how what the hell is causing so many people to turn to the catholic church for exorcisms in this day and age. Guys i knew twenty twenty was a walker of the year for everyone. I can only imagine the exorcism requests were through the roof with everyone. Being on lockdown cut myself off their though. Learn anything new what we jump raid into it. It's story time. I across the story recently. Andy mental imagery that it provided me was terrifyingly widget. That's the best way. I can put it. I was left hanging with him with my jaw. Pretty much touching the floor. Not all actresses assumes and by the way. I should probably go ahead impre- as that and i'm sure some of you who are listening. You will probably agree with me. The story that i'm about to share with you it's about nexen and it definitely did not end well. On december eleven nineteen thirty seven one week had passed since policemen any southern precinct of inking city china at been looking for a suspected twenty-three-year-old serial killer named thomas wu according to sources woo head. Kill fight women in two men and they had died under nightmarish circumstances to make matters even worse after his victims. Wou would eat them fun. Michael strong the jesuit parish priest of the district contacted police out of the blue and said he could aid with capture of thomas wu that he had found him and pucci.

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