Robinhood Freezes Stonks!

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Robin hood says that due to quote recent volatility it is restricting trading in some stocks including game stop. Amc blackberry and nokia to position closing. Only that means. If i can translate you can only sell not by those stocks for the time being those last three stocks by the way stunks guess our stocks that people think the wall street bets folks will be targeting next quote free stock trading pioneer robin hood and interactive brokers both made efforts to curb the wild trading activity in heavily. Shorted names like game. Stop amc blackberry and costs on thursday. Initially shares up game stop reverse course and slid quickly in a negative territory as the word of the trading restrictions spread the stock which traded above five hundred dollars at one point in pre market trading was below two hundred ninety dollars per share shortly after the opening bell the steps by robin hood and interactive brokers taken thursday. Even more drastic than wet brokers did earlier in the week td ameritrade and charles schwab raised margin requirements on wednesday robin hood. Customers took to twitter to express their outrage surrounding the decision. Robin hood has made a name for itself through. Its mission to democratize investing for everyone the silicon valley startup with more than thirteen million pioneered free trading forcing the entire brokerage industry to drop commissions in late. Twenty nineteen and quote.

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