Climate change is now a national security priority for the Pentagon


No surprise at joe. Biden has moved swiftly to change the white house's approach to climate change after all his predecessors view was that it was all a big hoax but few could have predicted just how quickly and radically president biden would act. Climate change is once again a national security issue. He said well. Joining me. Are paul rogers author and professor of peace studies at the university of bradford and actually at rati climate and energy reporter for bloomberg news. Good morning to you. Both gentlemen and pull man became with you. The idea of climate change is a national security. Threat isn't new. But could you just recap what it actually means. Please don't quite show what it means. You can record the pentagon this saying. It's really looking at it from his own rather narrow perspective A lot of the talk is about all the problems that some of the basis of had with inclement weather disastrous for as roma occasions. This quite a lot of talk about the need for the us military to decrease carbon emissions. They rainy presenter. Quite a significant minority the overall american emissions but in terms of the world y. position of climate. Change there's very little yet. There is a risk in securitising in climate change or climate breakdown and basically treating as a threat which has to be counted when it has effects on the problem with climate breakdowns. You're actually have to be working ten twenty ahead of when it starts to happen to be really effective. It is much more about prevention rather than try and clear out the mess. That's not to say that given where we are now won't be major problems across the world mass migration the rest but the real point is. This is something which has to be really concerned with the prevention. There isn't an an easy kill once you get started So we're really. It's a very odd situation that the military taking it on a particular way which probably is not the central issue when you define something act as an national security threat. How does that change a country's approach to something such as climate change. In this case i think a one other way to interpret a biden administration is trying to do is use. What firepower it has it. The cash spends on on sectors of the economy but of course defense as well which is a huge part of its spending and try and increase the demand for cleaner energy. So we've seen that one other route that the by Administration is going to use is to try and electrify the entire federal administration fleet. And so. maybe it's a way to create demand from the defense sector which you know is As paul rightly said an insignificant amount of emissions. But it is a huge spender of money on technology. And so maybe that's another way to push for a national security agenda on climate change

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