A highlight from Sir Colin Blakemore, Professor of Neuroscience at City University of Hong Kong

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Mike yesterday. bar whose professor of neuroscience at city university of hong kong is research has focused on vision development and plasticity of the brain and a neurodegenerative diseases is a member of the tool member of twelfth scientific academies including the society and chinese academy of engineering and his owners include prize and affiliate dot com colon. However go thanks for doing this and doing it from across the voted hong kong so hopefully our technology kohl's I want to start with one of your older papers. In two thousand six entitled the fuss neurons of the human cerebral cortex is The describe a distinctive widespread population neurons situated beneath the surface of human embryonic for brain even before complete closure of the not and these repeat Sales include the known seen in the primordial of senator cortex before the onset of local neurogenesis. So calling now. I don't know a lot about this. But this is the sort of the nature seeding the brain so to speak while you know. There's a lot of interest in how the process of organizing the cerebral cortex is achieved and the goal is arguably the most complicated part of the brain brain is the most complicated part of the body. So this is a real challenge for biology tried to explain the developmental organization of such extraordinarily complicated structure on what's become apparent in the last few years is the populations of neurons. Were cia mainly transient. That is. they appeared that born. They do a job and they die a very important to dispersive organization One particular population Called carlisle redsfest. Cells is known to move in across the surface of the cortex and it produces substances which helped the formation of the layers of the cortex mutations in which this This population of cells does not function properly produced disorganized layering so most neurons. That are going to make up. The ultimate structure of the cortex are born locally within epithelium. Neural epithelium that is a large collection of stem cells of neural stem cells which go onto progressively over a long period of time to generate the neurons to make the cortex but what will now learning about these populations other nations neurons migrate in mainly across the surface and influence the persons. We discover when i say we My colleagues in this study are arena by stran- who's a russian neuroscientist who's been my lab for the last twenty years and Moscow rakija very eminent developmental. Not bala. just a yale.

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