Mount Hamelin Hamilton, Grant Park Ranch And North Bay discussed on Tolbert, Krueger and Brooks


68 ft towards leader. Big back up into downtown from the Children. Auto body trafficked, Ask South bound to 80 temporarily closed between First Street and Seventh Street, where an accident is being cleared from the center divide. In the meantime, traffic is absolutely crawling from race Street also have a crash in the center. Divide North 6 80 before Alum Rock Avenue. Very light delays there, incidentally, Alum rock runs into Mount Hamelin Hamilton, which is closed for snow and ice at Grant Park Ranch, Up to the North Bay South found 11 is at a crawl from Petaluma Boulevard north to Washington. The left lanes closed Clear. Storm dreams Heavy out of San Francisco from Seventh Street to the Bay Bridge. This'll report is sponsored by covert clinic dot org's covert cases are on the rise. Getting tested as easy at Copan Clinic with drive throughs in the Bay Area, get professional and reliable testing from the safety of your car Results in 60 Minutes, plus expedited testing for travelers go to covert clinic that orc to book an appointment. When you try the new tempera pedic breeze, you'll feel how it helps you sleep cooler. So no more nocturnal baking

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