Royal holiday traditions revealed!

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The airport nag me christmas special presentation from news. You know it's going to be a one of a kind podcasts. Already lost it in the first like three seconds. I will warn you guys this week. This show lacks a little bit of struck sits a monkey. We'd keep it breezy. It's been a. It's been a tough year. I think for everyone and i'm tired. I feel like for a lot of us to were tired and there. Was this like hope around christmas time. I know specially for us in europe. It was like oh lockdown early. We're gonna have christmas. We got the vaccine rollout and then it was like. Oh that's cute just getting twenty twenty. It's not over yet. How about another variant for you. How about another locked down for you just like why what happened. There's lots feel down in the dumps about but there's also a lot to feel thankful positive. We all safe and in good health and we have a lot to talk about this week. A lot of fun festive stuff as well which always makes a change. It's true i am an all time. Festive high you. Make a good point. It's interesting it's like when the more that were forced to sort of isolated locked down the more. I just want to lead into anything. That's remotely festive. Yeah exactly and i think for us. We started that journey. Thirty unusual. That i will say so remember. We talked about me getting my christmas tree. And i was trying to get it like mid november. I waited. i got it last weekend of november. So the very late and Let me just tell you it's still surviving but it's looking a little bit on. Its last legs. Like i looked at it this morning. Omit and it did that sad thing where all the branches are pointing to know like they're no longer but the the little pine needles kneels. That's what they're little. Needles are still on each branch. They're just little droopy may. Why don't you order some of the snow in a can you can cut it. Make it look like heavy with snuggle. That's a really good idea. Maybe it'll last new year's then new year's another hurdle we still got that to go through together with everyone on the podcast hanging but this week a lot. Go through including christmas at windsor castle. A slight change of scene this year. Still one filled with tradition. Maggie and i are going to run through what goes into a royal christmas even when it is socially distance seen the notes. There is a lot of food. There's a lot of spoiler alert. You eat at the royals during christmas. And you're going to tell if founds aside from that. Wilson had finally the christmas card from the sussex this week that came with a very special message and a sweet meaning behind it because some of the details about that plus we had the news of harry and meghan search well nonprofits announcing its fast

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