208: Let's Party! feat. Ophira Eisenberg


Radio x looking for a fun podcast to share with your kids. The award winning gen z media has launched its newest family audio adventure. Cupid and the report a sequel to their hit becoming mother nature which told the origin story of thirteen year old. Khloe lovejoy aka. mother nature. cuban and the reaper. Introduces us to mondo. And marcus to mismatch middle schoolers about to inherit the legendary powers of life death and love while trying not to destroy the world cheesy 'em shows are like movies for your mind that the whole family can enjoy becoming mother. Nature and cuban and the reaper are available. Wherever you get your part yes just visit. Jisi 'em shows dot com to find other great family programming. Hello everyone i'm done and it was actually really kind of funny when i was a junior high school. My mother put me apartment which was kind of ridiculous but i to two goals in life and one was become an alexander mcqueen or to become a rockstar party. Most teenagers who've ever watched a party scene. In highschool movie fantasize about what it's like to live a wild and crazy lifestyle denver's one of those teams do not have to imagine. He got a chance to live appear x. radio toby. I'm neil and this is mortified today on the show tales of teenagers. Who can't wait for the party to get started. Let's start here senior year this little book manned up saying some shit about some people so let's shit. Last night. i got drunk in everyone. I was pissed at all. Because i got that for dancing on people. I dance on everything. People walls doors bars so i went home because sucky way party. No day today. Put my photo album. look at. It's crazy it altogether like. Omg awhile. i've done a lot. Like i feel good about it. But i feel like i must move on for the sake of school in fashion which the world is making a joke of nine fifteen seven. I love life. But i hate the hangover. Nine twenty eight. oh seven my birthday is over. I'm now one thousand nine years of age which means it's my last year as a team like. Oh shit really so far over live. Can i stay in. It might late. Fashion collection is almost done. It's a native american flapper. I want to win some kind of ten three. Oh seven wednesday shoot me. School is the place to be every fucking day at seven thirty morning. I'm still same. It's all lane. But i'm to blame for what i'm not doing and what i am doing because it's my fault stanks mother. I'm so over it. But i love it. I just got a new camera. Let's where the night takes us. Tuesday october sixteen two thousand seven. So this has been a crazy fest year than i thought it would be. It's crazy how the marking period is almost over. And i have no idea how i'm doing but i'm in love the fact that i party every day but in the last few days i realized no one part is as hard as i need them to october. Seventeen thousand seven today was just stress. I got into my car crash. It was kind of a fender bender and had to eat china food and come good news. Ten eighteen o seven me at the horror party cops came oops i was in a gold miniskirt. The knock somebody door goes circuit. I talk to you. Can i put on some pants. This was a true party. it changed my life. i can feel it. I really need to take a second october. Twenty nine two thousand seven. A girl from my high school died. There's been a string of freak accidents later. That day i wrote my life is too good turns out. I just needed to go shopping. October thirtieth two thousand seven tag. I myself into allowed. I'm a little over my head. And things i need to do. Clothes shoes clean my house while living in fashion dishes. My studio is a mess. It's all moldy and there's this crazy mercer staph infection going around. I smell a plag- this point things. Maybe getting a little out of hand occasionally. I realized that like i'm christmas eve. Twelve twenty four seven. I need to go to mass. Oh my god and now. I'm at a place where i need. Where am i. I'm at a place above my apartment. Ray left my boys. After collapsing along on wednesday go to church go. Now is time a sinner. No room for me in the end. Oh my god. It's britney bitch. Apparently i didn't pretty hard enough because the partying kept going and it was starting to wreak havoc on my fashion dreams. Three ten. oh eight. I thought up. I know i didn't get accepted to as it. I needed better grades. I didn't get to the parsons. I could've done this now. I'm grounded in auburn. There's no more options to become a hairdresser. Write a book. what is my life. I'm living. I'm loving it. I hate it. i'm i'm over at. let's party. I'm a senior pga. I might have briefly entertained. The idea of making veteran. Maybe not my by already. But i got back to it pretty quickly no date. I didn't whatever i love dash. It's shows because i own it in every color no day i have passed out four nights in a row due to drinking and not eating pumped in my ear on video. I got to see that video of them pumping soap in my ear. No day spring. Break town show coming up april third. I've got nothing but every idea in the world so it's important that you know like the year before i like slade. The talent show. I won first place. I did this crazy. Thing with strobe. Lights is incredible april ninth. You can't blow up your face for the school talent show with foreign stick of dynamite. I wanted to put it in my mouth. But i gather nine girls and seventeen look collection so pleased with a stick of dynamite up on the corner later on that drunken school night. I love

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