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Podcast for each week. I'm like i doubt. Anthony redeploy from american history to my fiend gareth reynolds who has no idea. What the topic is going to be about. You know russell from abc four to me an email from someone who was like he doesn't need to say about at the end of the intro. I was going through the kazan thousands of emails. That i haven't read so i was going through them today and there are about three of those. Hey listen man he. He doesn't have to say about. It's actually unnecessary. It's redundant that's why he's doing my email. My last name is spelled. Reynolds ari y. And l. o. d. s. sure and i didn't notice for a while and then it just was how mad it was. Driving people was the sensation. Never change it was immediate. Yeah of course. I mean this stuff. Everyone needs to calm down. Everyone needs to including josh also. Relax pump the brakes. Jesus i mean to we get it. We get it. You're an oscar nominated writer. He gotta yeah. I guess what to the big dance. Josh we get it. People still like have fun with words. Buddy you okay all right. I'm actually writing a movie called history of violence about is jim cam guy. Gary lennon's care is it for five o'clock part could hit him with the puppy percent. Sick arguments impo action right candy. My friend pretty good. We are brought to you in part by new new. Ms really great. Isn't it yes yes. It really is people who don't know what numerous numerous a call. It's amazing app to help you lose weight. it's like a a fitness motivating app essentially overall. Yeah it's not about just what you ate or but about how you eat. In general teaches you eating cravings how to build new habits. So you can get rid of the misconceptions you have and just get smart about food and the choices you make and yeah. It's very easy to track nutrition and stay motivated by. Yeah by your goals. Yeah i mean it is really good helps me get motivated to exercise. And then the thing of the psychological thing is fascinating. Because i've never experience. Because i've used a lot of apps and i've never experienced one like this for exercising your weight loss or whatever it makes you feel good about what you're doing and it's like it's like it's they're helping you Improve your self worth and your mood and stuff. It's not not stressing about eating or getting down yourself. Yeah so it's super easy. Do ten minutes a day. You go through this little like quiz and then there's a person Remember what they're called. The expert person that the talks do helps you pops up and says hello. How're you doing stuff like that. And you don't have to commit some rigorous workout plan is just like it just helps you. Do the best you can do. I think that helps you. Keep an check but it doesn't make it like obsessive anyway. Yeah it's really good. It teaches you why you make the choice to do. It gives you the tools to replace your habits with healthier ones. It's very forgiving. Because we're all human being so if we go off track you get back on track the next day right and yet everyone's busy and so neum doesn't demand a lot of time so it's just it's just the ten minutes a day like we said so i can't recommend enough. I think it's a really cool. There's a science

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