Is Refresh Model S/X Battery Smaller?


We know that the range on the long range version of the model s. has now increased to four hundred and twelve miles so previously and this is apn estimate previously four hundred to right before let's refresh so we only saw a ten mile increase. Which you know makes us think okay. Tussle didn't really change much in terms of the batteries there but they did note in the earnings report that they made changes to the batteries. Major changes to the modules yuan. They're still using those eighteen. Six fifty cells from panasonic But they have updated the chemistry or at least made some updates to the cell and battery architecture and general replaced those skateboard Visual image online. So it's it's definitely update in terms of the batteries but only see ten additional miles of range. Come out of that. I was pretty interesting especially when we look a little bit deeper and we noticed that the drag coefficient on the model s. has now been lowered from. I believe it was point two three before to now points two zero eight so that should definitely helped with the range. It's a pretty significant reduction in drag coefficient and then we've also seen them drop the weight so the wait for the long range model s now starts at four thousand five hundred sixty one pounds versus before. So i've got the way back machine pulled up here and this is from january twenty fourth. I'm not sure if you can see that. On the stream but from january twenty fourth the long range plus model s had a weight of forty eight hundred pounds so they've cut two hundred and fifty pounds out of the weight. They've reduced the drag coefficient so five percents rate reduction a significant reduction drake officiant and yet. We're only seeing ten more miles of range. This could be a trade off between tussles optimizing for in terms of energy versus power. Obviously the zero sixty on the stock in the long range right now has dropped from three point seven seconds before now down to three point one seconds so some of that could be impacting. The actual range that is happening from the epa tests. But if all else was held equal certainly expected a bigger range improvement from vizier. Point or the zero point two zero eight cd and the two hundred fifty pound weight reduction ver only ten miles only two percent more range two and a half percent more rain when they're cutting weight by five percent so we actually see a similar thing with the model x. As well flip over there so this current long range after refresh. We now have of starting weight and i think i think the drako fishing stay the same on the model x. but we starting wait Five thousand one hundred eighty five pounds on the model x. Verses here is again so this january twenty fifth so before the refresh. It was fifty four hundred thirty seven pounds so again similar. Two hundred and fifty pound reduction there almost five percent and only an actually in the case of the model x. We see arrange decrease so we had three hundred seventy one miles. Epa estimate before. And now we're at three hundred sixty so they only gained ten on the model last. They lost eleven on the model x. A to think that. I always this is pointing to me towards tesla potentially using less fewer batteries in the battery pack. Maybe that's not the case. Maybe these are software ltd but to cut that much weight to cut the drag officiant drako efficient and not gain more than ten miles of range. I think is pretty perplexing so dessel may have found a way to just you know they may have just said okay are target. Here's we're going to stay the same range. We're happy with these ranges and you know we think the customers are happy with these ranges. We're going to optimize for cost and just reduce the number of cells were putting in these new modules packs for the refresh That could have been an option or you know again. Maybe it's just that power versus energy exchange.

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