Modern Oracles and Astrology


Welcome to kids myths and mystery signer host. Kit chrome with this podcast. I begin a month long examination of modern oracle's and their methods of divination last friday. I mentioned how not all forms of designation demand a psychic or even a sensitive one. Such form of discrimination astrology as common popular astrology is today is complex but as mentioned does not rely on the reader having psychic abilities instead relies heavily on planets and stars. Initially you might scoff at the idea of pulling any kind of prophecy from the heavenly bodies. But let's take a look at the history of astrology. Mayan astrology is a variation of mesoamerican astrology. One of the most forward thinking kinds of astrology of times. Mayan calendar's comprised of twenty day signs and thirteen galactic numbers. Making two hundred sixty day. Calendar year the mayan study of the moon planets milky way son was some of the most accurate pre telescope astronomy in the world. Mayan astrology goes back to around the fifth century bc. Then we have england stonehenge. Gerald hawkins work on stonehenge was first published in nature magazine in nineteen sixty three following analysis. He had carried out using a harvard. Smithsonian ibm computer. Hawkins found. Not one or two alignments but dozens. He had studied one hundred. Sixty five significant features at the monument and use the computer to check every alignment between them against every rising and setting point for the sun moon planets and bright stars the position say would have been in in fifteen hundred bc so has astrology around for a while no doubt but let's go back to present to find out how astrology works. Here's a simple answer. Astrology works on many levels at the simplest level. It is not unlike a complex clock the uses the motions of the planets in a similar way to the movement to the hands on the face of a clock. Now let's dig a little deeper. Astrology is the belief that the alignment of stars and planets affects every individual mu personality and environment depending on when he or she was born. Astrologers print horoscopes and newspapers that are personalized by birthday. These horoscopes make predictions in people's personal. Lives describe their personalities and give them advice. All according to the position of astronomical bodies a survey conducted by the national science foundation found that forty one percent of respondents to their poll. Believe that astrology is very scientific. This begs the question astronomical bodies affect our lives. Solar flares cost electro magnetic disturbances on earth. That can disrupt satellites and even caused blackouts. The position of the moon costs us ocean tides. If you're a fisherman that position of the moon can have a significant effect on your livelihood. The solar wind causes beautiful aurora and sunlight itself is the main source of energy for our planet. Still the question. How is strategy as a tool of divination astrology uses a set of rules about the relative positions and movements of heavenly bodies to generate predictions and explanations for events on earth and human personality traits. Some used astrology to generate very specific expectations. It could be verified against outcomes. What does science have to say about astrology. Simply that it's not scientific yet. Hundreds of thousands of people have been influenced by designation nation provided by astrologers millions across america. No there astra logical sign and read their horoscope in the newspaper. Daily get this j pierpoint morgan. One of the world's greatest fight answers was suspicious of accepting planetary advice but ended up applying astrology to all of his personal affairs. John adams famous second president of the united states refused to sign the declaration of independence until the exact moment planetary indications were most auspicious. And this will really get ya jay. Jacob stout jeff pierpoint morgan and seymour cromwell comprised a bracket of three successive presidents of the new york stock exchange who utilized astronaut. Advice implanted their operations. They scoffed at this. However upon the arrival of the wall street crash these men had been warned by their astrologers and thus averted disaster disci- support astrology is a form of give nation. No has astrology affected millions of individuals over the centuries the answer is a resounding yes

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