Coast Guard rescues trio stuck on deserted island for 33 days


I didn't hear you talk about that rescue in the Bahamas. You guys read about this thing? Coast Guard rescue Three people who spent the last 33 days stranded on a desert island. Yeah. An aircraft just have to make making routine flight serving the area spotted the trio was a woman and two men waving makeshift flags from an uninhabited island in the Bahamas. They told officials they were traveling from Cuba when their boat capsized near the coast of the island. They survive for more than a month. Eating coconuts. That's the headline that these guys you know for more than a month, they survived on coconuts and rum. Yeah. Yeah, And But But here's more when they really when they got back to the mainland. They told you the rest of the story was coconuts. And rats. Oh, I had a yard. Um, That's protein, though. You need protein. Yeah. You know what I mean? Could you bring yourself to eat a rat? Hey, that's all. There is a wedding markets around that That's a delicacy. See, that's a That's a far cry from

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