Jacob Roloff Says He Was Molested by Former Little People, Big World Producer


People big world star roloff says he was sexually abused by a producer of the popular. Tlc reality show off. Is the youngest child of amy and matt roloff who both have dwarfism. The premise heim the show in a lengthy instagram post. This week jake. Roloff claimed that he was molested by former producer. Chris carter mom wall taping the show with his family. He is now twenty three years old. He wrote quote. It is often much to think about things than it is to talk about them. And so this disclosure been delayed. But through that delay i have found the fortitude and words as a child after what i realized now a long grooming process i was molested by an executive field producer for little people. Big world and jake said he didn't want to share details of the encounters. He would only say that he hopes this man is never allowed. children Never allowed around children again. Excuse me tlc. I know made a statement yesterday. They said they just learned of these alleged encounters It is a third party connected to the production of little people big world. They said they are cooperating with authorities and are saddened and troubled by the very serious allegation.

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