What could Sydney's outbreak mean for Christmas?



And when we created alison. Yesterday they were amid three cases. I think and that has blossomed over the past twenty four hours or sorry which really after several weeks of really really low levels in australia has come as a real bolt from the blue. I mean what do we know. And what don't we know about what could have happened here. So northern beaches. It's a peninsula that goes north from the harbour skirting with one side of the ocean. Size pit water. Goes up to a narrow point. Barron joy head at palm beach kind of starts runabout manley. So that's where it is and we talked. Yesterday the two people were up at avalon. What overnight and you as as people listen to corona cast. It could well have changed so we apologize if the numbers are not quite right but as we record corona cast there are seventeen cases in all twelve nuance that emerged during the day. And the where doing what they promised. Early on in the day was that for the five they knew about they were going to do genomic testing on them and get results back last night but as we record this we still don't have the results of these. What we know is actually quite a lot. Quite quickly is that they've identified a drummer. Who in a band and played in three to ourselves in one club. Penrith ourselves the kirby club. And i've i've alone our cell and three people who were part of this cluster. Apparently were in the avalon oursel- so they know quite a lot about where these people have caught this what they know about the twelve the extra twelve during the day as we speak. We don't know very much about so. This is a cluster. that's growing. It's a bit like south australia. In the sense that you can get really spooked by the fact that you've got big numbers quickly or you can be reassured that the contact tracing is pretty good and it's picking up things very quickly i choose to be reassured by it so i think it is going to get much as it's gonna get much bigger than it is but they're really tracking it down. A lot of people on the northern beaches are getting tested. How are long queues and when you look at. The pictures of people are wearing masks which is fantastic.

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