A highlight from 2020 Week 17 (Part 1)


You check out the social media clips that we post to act. Ross tucker pod. Good morning joe lauria. Good morning ross. it's I'm i'm amazed that we made it this far I'm thrilled. we made it this far. Quite frankly i'm excited to some playoff football. Because quite frankly i can sit down and enjoy some playoff football Without having to focus on sixteen different games but week seventeen still here If you play championships in week seventeen. We're gonna try to help you if you play. The that's going to be more the focus to this podcast because even more so than are typical pods when we have to wait later in the week for some injury situations. Not only do we have to do that this week. But teams that might be resting. Starters teams that might be shutting guys down. We already know. Kansas city's not gonna play at starter so that it. We have a lot of scenarios like that. We don't know how teams are going to handle the new playoff picture just yet. Because in the olden days of twenty nine thousand nine there are only sixteen that made the playoffs in each conference and there were two buys. Obviously if you guys have been living under rocks a there is now only one by conference. Seven teams have made the playoffs. Now the question. I have is from that perspective. Does that encourage teams fewer teams to rest starters or does that encourage more teams to rest. Starters for instance is there a tangible difference in the way buffalo in pittsburgh are going to handle the number two in the number three seed in the afc especially when you don't have nearly the home field advantage in the europe. Two thousand twenty that you did just a season ago. So there's so many questions about that are frankly unanswerable. Our team's going to be doing scoreboard watching all those things. Have to be taken into account when he played fantasy and week. Seventeen to good point. Joe and i think there's a lot of stuff we need to focus on. I wanna make the point as well. I should made this point last week. This is a year round podcasts. So this is the last week where we'll have two episodes starting next week just once a week but we're all in on week. Seventeen s in the playoffs. And then i think it's really fun. The off-season shows joe where we bring in guests. We get strategies things that they learned from the season we to look at some of the draft prospects. We talked a little dynasty at times. We start talking about different players for next year. Then just free agency. I always feel like. I learn a ton during the off season shows and a lot of people. Just listen to fancy feast during the season. Moshe play now. I get it. But i happen to enjoy the off season stuff a lot and i feel like i learn a lot so really looking forward to the playoffs shows and the offseason shows. Let's start out with week. Seventeen and d f s primarily. There aren't very many people that actually have sent week. Seventeen as part of their season long are there. It's i don't know the exact number Say it's more casual. Who might be listening to this. Podcast maybe maybe learn about fantasy from his box. So welcome but I would say maybe ten percent the league's maybe like i don't think it's i don't think it's much more than that. And just look at my twitter mentions. Hey thanks for everything this year championship or i got married guilty by the way i got married in many leagues.

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